Thursday, July 19, 2012

What I'm Loving Lately

Be sure to check out my guest post over on Health Decide's blog today! I'm excited to have been offered the opportunity to provide a recipe and some tips on cooking at home for Orca Health. Here's a little more about them:

Ora Health provides 12 patient education apps for the iPad and iPhone.  
The point of each, from SpineDecide to BreastDecide, is to deliver best practice patient  education in the most elegant and engaging format possible. When we receive feedback from users where they describe “playing” with our apps for hours (which we frequently do), we know we’ve hit our mark. In addition to being used by patients to learn more about their anatomy, condition and assistance in Finding a Specialist, doctors and non-MD healthcare professionals use our apps to aid their interactions with patients. 
One of our apps, EyeDecide, was chosen as the ‘Best of the iPad/iPhone Medical category in App Store Rewind 2011. It, along with FootDecide, was featured in the iTunes ‘Apps for Healthcare Professionals’ Section. Orca Health was featured in the StartUp Mobile Health Pavilion at the 2011 mHealth Summit. Additionally, we won the Health 2.0 Europe Startup competition, beating out competitors from France, Germany, and the UK. 
Our apps are all rated 4.5/5 on the App Store and are regularly featured as ‘What’s Hot’ for the Medical App Store. Several of our apps have also have debuted as the #1 downloaded free (EyeDecide) and paid (SpineDecide, AgingSpine) medical apps. The leading industry publication, iMedicalApps positively reviewed ShoulderDecide and KneeDecide and characterized them as “a great asset to improve patient-physician communication.”

Check them out and show them some BLWB love!

What I'm Loving Lately:

Reese's. Dark chocolate Reese's, to be precise. I had to buy them to make some cupcakes, and we've been snacking on a few here and there since.

I keep getting ones that are double-wrapped. 

Our apartment. Which is where I spend almost 24 hours a day lately, without complaint. I've been cleaning and organizing, and today I rearranged some wall decor so I could hang Terry's gift (first photo below). Our apartment is tiny, but it's home and it makes me happy. It's where I come home to my husband and my cat, where I cook, where I work out sometimes, where I feel safe and comfortable and relaxed.

Summer nights. It's HOT here. Usually our neck of the woods doesn't get too crazy hot because we're fairly close to the beach, but the breeze just hasn't been a-blowin'. Poor Scout is too hot to do much of anything, so he just plops down wherever he happens to be at the moment. But hot isn't all bad; summer means we get to relax and watch TV and do crossword puzzles and chill (well, not literally). 

Strength training. I've been doing a lot less of it lately. As we're training for our half marathon, strength training is the first to go if I can't fit in a whole workout. Here's today's workout:

So sweaty!

I'm also stoked for Tina's Best Body Boot Camp. Remember, registration ends TODAY!!! (Friday!) If you need more convincing, check out my reasons to boot camp your booty. I'm so excited several of you have decided to join me in getting a good butt-kicking!

Superhero movies. Tonight Terry and I had tickets to see The Amazing Spiderman. Yep, that's two movies in one week! It was certainly better than Magic Mike, but not as good as The Avengers. But I love comic book movies because you get to sit near super nerdy folks who laugh too loudly at the awkward romantic scenes.

So much to love, so little time. Off to enjoy some love with my boys before bed! (Terry said that sounds bad.)


  1. Love your sneakers! Anything purple wins in my book! I can't wait to read about your bootcamp experience. I think I am going to sign up next time around. $ is tight here now, but its definitely going to be a reward to myself next time she does it!

    1. I love my sneakers too! I got them at Road Runner Sports, and they just pick your shoe for you based on your foot, running style, etc. I was super excited when they turned out to be grey and purple! :-)

  2. i love that workout! i'm training for a marathon and i totally understand what you mean about strength training slipping - i feel like as long as i get my training in, then it's so easy to excuse myself from weights. i think i'll incorporate that workout in after one of my shorter runs - looks tough!

    1. I know! Plus, after a 5-mile run (usually around 60 minutes with lights), I have other stuff to get to and can't dedicate the time to a full strength workout, so I just don't do anything. Terrible. Glad I'm not the only one!

  3. Your apartment is super cute!! Mine is small too and I can't wait for a house but this is home for now!
    <3 Sam

    1. Thanks! I know, a house is the dream, but I'll take what I can get :-)