Friday, July 27, 2012

Happy Birthday Dad!

Today's my dad's birthday! And it also happens to be the Opening Ceremonies of the Olympics. Coincidence? I think not!

As I did with my mom, brother, and husband, I'll tell you a little about my dad. I shared a bit about him for my Father's Day post, too. 

I've mentioned before that my dad was a police officer (and sergeant and lieutenant) and retired a few years ago. It's important because this guy knew he was supposed to be a police officer from the time he was just a kid (well, he also wanted to be a cowboy...or a horse...but we think he chose the right profession). He became a police explorer when he was only 14 and never looked back. It's very much a part of who he is. Even now, several years into retirement, my dad is still the cop he always was--honest, fair, personable, a role model for all. 

With two of his brothers, my Uncle Chris and Uncle Andy

My dad's job defined who he is, and it made a big impact on our family. Both of my parents were in law enforcement--Mom was a police dispatcher; that's how they met--so their schedules created a unique childhood for my brother and me. When Dad worked midnights, we tried to be quiet the next day so he could sleep. At dinner, my parents spoke about their days like all parents do--except they talked in police code. And sometimes Dad would get a call in the middle of dinner and have to leave without eating. But that was normal. And we thought it was pretty cool. 

Another example of Dad being cool

Aaaannnd another (these hiking poles were a gift from my brother and me, so we are especially proud)

More than anyone else, my dad has shaped who I've become. I have worked my whole life to be more like him--generous, compassionate, an incredible counselor and mentor, and friend to all. If I disappointed my dad, I was heartbroken; if I made him proud, I was overjoyed. 

Being the daughter of a cop comes with some funny stereotypes, particularly that my Pops might be a little overprotective. And yes, he is, but hey, what dad isn't? Still, Terry didn't have to work too hard to convince my dad he was perfect for me. Of course, I've found that my husband possesses many of the traits I so admire in my dad: honesty, compassion, doing the right thing, and appreciating the little things in life. 

I love my dad because he has an incredible sense of humor, a passion for helping others, and a kind heart. He loves people watching, comedy shows (we love watching Whose Line Is It Anyway? together), and animals (we call him the animal whisperer because he has a crazy gift with non-human creatures--he even rescued and raised two squirrels as a child). 

With our cat, Scout

We talk almost every day, and I would say we have become close friends in recent years. I turn to him for advice, and he shares lots of stories with me. I'm proud to be his daughter and grateful that I have such a fantastic father in my life.

A proud moment for us both

Thanks for letting me share this super mushy post about my Pops with you! 

Who is an important man in your life?


  1. To my favorite daughter (my only daughter) I love you so much (as much as your brother). You bring a special spirit to my life, and that means so much to me, thank you.

  2. I love that last photo with your dad, so beautiful! :)

  3. I always already teary eyed from reading this post, but than seeing what your dad said.. I lost it! So beautiful Julie <3