Friday, July 20, 2012

In the Park Workout

Today started with just the kick in the booty I needed! I'm still not sleeping well (our apartment is just too hot, so I'm waking up a LOT), so I didn't feel great, but I had promised Jenn to meet her for a workout. I'm so glad I did! We jogged to the park near her apartment and completed the following:

If you have any questions about the above exercises, please let me know!

The key to this workout is to make sure you do it in the morning, when the grass is really wet and muddy. It's best not to bring a towel so that you get extra dirty. Also, be sure to not look where you're going when you do the bear walks and crab walks; you want to put your hands in as much gross stuff as possible. 

It's always awesome working out with Jenn. She also invited me to a hip hop class tomorrow morning, and I'm so excited to get my dance on!

Since Terry's off in Vegas today for my brother's bachelor party, I had no qualms about taking the day to myself to relax and be extremely unproductive. I emptied the trash and did dishes, but otherwise my day consisted of reading blogs, playing with Scout, eating (dessert after breakfast? No problem!), and browsing Pinterest. Honestly, I was looking for inspiration to take myself shopping. 

See, I'm not the shopping type. I can appreciate a cute outfit when I see one, but I'm pretty terrible at actually finding separates that go together and making it work. But normally that's ok. I find my boring, simple, works-for-my-body outfits, and I don't stray. I wear the same 10 outfits over and over again, and I almost never buy anything outside my comfort zone. It works well enough.

The problem here is that I really need at least one new dress. I've been through my wardrobe and determined that I have nothing appropriate to wear to my brother's wedding in September. It also wouldn't be terrible to get some new work clothes, some date night (what's that?) outfits, perhaps even a second dress to wear to a wedding we're attending tomorrow. 

Well, a few hours later...success! I hauled my booty to Kohl's and TJ Maxx and found three dresses, several tops, a few skirts for work, and a couple pairs of shorts. Hooray! Wardrobe makeover!

All the stuff I tried on at Kohl's - but only purchased a few

The rest of the evening consisted of Jeopardy!, more time with Scout, and starting our wedding album (one year later...). I also made some dark chocolate avocado mousse for dessert.

Of possible interest:
I read a great article today from All Animals Magazine (via the Humane Society) about helping cats lose weight. It made some great points, and it was a great reminder that animals need to be healthy too! Very often, animals don't get enough exercise and eat too much, but pet owners need to take responsibility for their animals and provide the best care we can. Here's a quote from the article:
The consequences can be serious. Even a few extra pounds can burden the heart, raise blood pressure, and cause arthritis by increasing stress on the joints and ligaments. Obese cats, unable to clean themselves properly, frequently suffer from painful rashes and urinary tract infections. And overweight cats are four times more likely to develop diabetes.
Here's the full article: Junk in the Trunk: Help Your Fat Cat Dump His Spare Tire

Terry and I try hard to give our little guy exercise several times per day. We usually play fetch in the morning, hide and seek when I get home from work, and some hunting games (for lack of a better word--we just scoot his mouse around the floor and he chases it) at night. But it doesn't happen every day like that, and I always feel so bad when he doesn't get play time. On the other hand, our cat actually needs to gain weight; we've been trying to pack on a pound or two for awhile. He's tiny! But certainly later in life we'll want to be careful that he doesn't go the other direction. We need to find that balance!

About to attack his little mouse

Digging through paper for his toys


  1. Yay for your successful shopping trip :) I swear were like twins when it comes to the clothes & shopping front. I'm very content with what I own and what I wear, but do believe that from time to time it's okay to go out there & get some new sexayyy clothes :)... it would be nice to have my own personal shopper though from time to time.

    **Oh and yes it's absolutely okay to have dessert after breakfast!!

    Have a great weekend girl :)

    1. Personal shopper?! That would be so awesome!!! I'm glad you're with me on dessert after breakfast. What better way to start the day?

  2. I think you've inspired me to do two things (I wish 3 - the working out part), 1. go shopping for a wardrobe make-over somewhere affordable and 2. start our wedding album. I finally got pictures printed and sent to my family and wedding party but the actual album...I guess I have a project for next week!

    1. Can't wait to see photos of the finished album! (Is that weird to take photos of a photo album?)