Monday, January 2, 2012

European Christmas Recap in Photos Continued

Versailles, home to Louis XIV

Inside the chateau

Hall of Mirrors

The backyard

A gorgeous day

We took this photo at 11 am to show that the sun never gets overhead in Paris!

Freezing!!! (There's frost on the grass...see it?)

So pretty. We tried to sit and read, but it was too cold.

At a little hamlet in the back of the chateau, where Marie-Antionette built a bunch of these adorable cottages because she thought poverty was cute. Naive, but still a nice little area to explore.

Aren't they cute?

We spent at least 30 minutes just wandering the cottages.

Tons of sweet little animals all around the working farm.

Rodin Museum - The Thinker (yes, I made fun of him for this pose)

Stopped in here to warm up after a very chilly day.

Crepe au chocolat to cap off the night!
Winged Victory at the Louvre

View of the Louvre Courtyard

France's Crowned Jewels

Terry in front of the Mona Lisa
 Question for you: I think taking pictures of art at museums is silly, because having those pictures is no different than simply Googling the image. I feel you should just soak it in. Terry disagrees and thinks pictures at museums are cool. Thoughts?
This guy looks so uncomfortable, but it also reminded me of some yoga poses I've done...

Freezing in front of Les Invalides

This must be why they call it the City of Light
 And now begins our pastry crawl. I mentioned it earlier, but we've started a new tradition where we do a crawl of some sort in each new country we visit. In London, a pub crawl. In Rome, pizza. And here, in Paris, it was pastries. And they were unbelievable.
Apple pastry

Brioche pistache - seriously delicious

Bun l'orange

Chocolate almond croissant

Pain au chocolat

Viennoise chocolat
These photos are from the London part of our amazing vacation.

View from our hotel in London

Did a bit of shopping at Harrods for family

The streets of London

Hyde Park - gorgeous even in the rain

Christmas Carnival in Hyde Park

I bought a hat.

So fun!

Enjoying a few pints and our new Nook!

Giant Christmas tree in Trafalgar Square

Occupy St. Paul's

Oldest pub in London

Fish 'n' chips

St. Paul's in winter

Our attempt to find Platform 9 3/4

My husband is obviously thrilled that I'm taking weird photos of him, but he really loves the Tube!

Big Ben and Parliament on New Year's Eve

Metro Police getting ready for a crazy night!
We missed Christmas at home, but this was a trip we will never forget. I will post soon about our hotels and activities for those interested. Happy New Year!


  1. Ohh! Your view in London is amazing!!

  2. @BmoreBruin It really was! We assume that the time of year helped us get a good deal on a nice room. :-)