Monday, August 13, 2012

20 Time-Saving Tips

I've lived in LA for about nine years now, and I've learned a thing or two about ways to save time. I'm constantly aware of how long it might take to get something done, and I'm always on the lookout for ways to save a few minutes here and there. I thought I could share a few ideas about ways that I cut down on daily tasks.

As a disclaimer, I should mention that this post is dedicated to folks who feel they could use an extra bit of time in the day. I understand not everyone is looking to speed things up, and I appreciate that constantly multitasking can actually be an unhealthy way to approach life. But I have found that my life is a little bit calmer when I follow some of these tips, and there are those days when we need to speed up some tasks so that we can enjoy other parts of the day, like time with loved ones.

(Who's excited that BLWB is jumping on the photo editing and Pin It button bandwagon? I am! Thanks to Julie at PBF for her blogging tips today!)

Kitchen/Cooking/Meal Prep
  1. Pack lunch the night before. During commercial breaks or while dinner is simmering, figure out tomorrow's meal and snacks and get it all ready. 
  2. Cook once, eat three times. Make casseroles, big pots of pasta, or a double recipe of soup, then save the leftovers for lunches and dinners the rest of the week. Reheat and serve!
  3. Clean as you cook! 
  4. Think ahead. If you're using chopped onion tonight and need it again for your next recipe, chop both onions now and store the second in the fridge until you need to use it.
  1. Find grocery stores that are on your way home from work so you don't have to go too far out of your way (note: the store closest to your house isn't necessarily the most convenient). 
  2. Plan your menu for the week and buy all your groceries in one trip. 
  3. Make a list--and stick to it--so you're not wandering around the grocery store.
  4. Group your errands so that you can knock out several at a time--or even purchase your items all at the same place. Target exists for a reason.
  1. Know what you're going to do before you go to the gym. Have it printed out, written down, or memorized. Don't waste time dawdling around, deciding what to do next.
  2. If the equipment you need is being used, rearrange your sets so you aren't just sitting around. 
  3. If you go to a gym, try to go when it's least crowded; you can usually ask the front desk for advice on when it's down time.
  4. Avoid the gym altogether, cutting down on travel time to and from. Lots of my workouts require little to no equipment! Pinterest also has tons of ideas.
In the Morning
  1. Set out your clothes, including accessories and jewelry, the night before. Iron if necessary. 
  2. Prep your breakfast the night before. Overnight oats rock for a quick grab 'n' go breakfast. If you want pancakes or waffles, make the batter the night before.
  3. If you make tea or coffee, start the kettle/coffee maker while you get dressed. I do not, however, recommend cooking something while you get dressed. Burnt food does not save time.
  4. Speaking of tea and coffee, skip the stop at your local coffee shop and make it at home. Saves money and time.
  1. I hate to say it, but turn off the TV. And Facebook. And Pinterest. Just for one night (or even one hour) per week. It will be your most productive hour ever!
  2. Set your priorities. You can't do it all, so figure out what's most important, get it done, and don't stress about the rest.
  3. Get organized. Stay organized. I've read that we spend an average of 1.5 hours per day looking for things; cutting that time in half will prove quite helpful, I imagine. 
  4. Just like a diet or budget, find your areas of weakness and determine what needs improvement. Aim to set small goals, like reducing your getting-ready time by 5 minutes one week, then 8 minutes the next. 
And now, a little thought that I found on Pinterest (I swear I wasn't wasting time...):

Think about it.

What time-saving tips do you have? Share below!


  1. Love the tips. Thanks girl :)

  2. i definitely use a lot of these tips! i should at least think about what i'm going to wear the next day the night before. i waste a lot of time in the mornings trying to figure that out...

    1. You always seem so organized and productive! I'm sure you already do even more than this stuff!

  3. Awesome tips! I usually get my lunch ready while making my breakfast. But the night before would be even better!
    I really need to use the turn everything off tip....I waste a ton of time on pinterest. Lol.

    1. I think Pinterest is actually an evil plot to destroy our productivity.

  4. I can SO use these. I do some, but definitely could be better about managing my time!