Tuesday, March 26, 2013

All Over the Place

1. I am pretty sure tonight was my first attempt at cooking with fresh butternut squash. An odd choice, given that it's March 26th, but we wanted our favorite minestrone soup tonight, so I sprung for the effort of a real squash instead of my usual pre-cubed Trader Joe's option. Did you know that peeling a butternut squash is a pain in the ass?

2. Terry and I are exactly four days away from being able to eat meat again. I'll do a post soon about our Lent adventure as pescetarians (we chose to eat fish but not other meat), but I cannot wait to taste a cheeseburger!

3. Most days, I spend the majority of my time at work with teenagers. Today, I spent the entire day with adults. It felt refreshing and fun and was a nice change of pace, and I'm ready to head back to my kids tomorrow with renewed energy...for three days before spring break.

4. Jenn told me that Downton Abbey Season 3 is now on Netflix. I don't know how to describe my excitement.

5. Don't search "Downton Abbey ecards" if you don't want to see spoilers. I'm pretty sure I just found out something I wasn't supposed to find out. The same thing happened with Mad Men Season 4. I wasn't destined to watch shows behind the times.

6. I'm planning some exciting blog posts for next week while we're away, and it's (ironically) taking away from my ability to write tonight.

7. My school is hosting a blood drive tomorrow. I have donated blood and platelets dozens of times, but I'm nervous about the idea of donating between classes and then attempting to stand up in front of my students to teach. Please pray that I won't faint. My students would never let me live that down.

8. I miss HGTV's design shows. Now it's all about Love It or List It and similar shows. I miss Designed to Sell, which gave me lots of great ideas for designing my future home. Thank goodness for Pinterest.

9. Terry and I have essentially made the decision to skip morning workouts this week. I've been prepping dinner in the early evening, then we work out when he gets home, then I finish dinner after the workout. I miss the early mornings, but I am also valuing the sleep during this crazy time of the school year.

10. I hope someday soon we'll find equality.

Share something fun and random below. Let's brighten up the last week of March!


  1. Going home to Florida in T-3 days!! Cannot wait to feel the sunshine (I live in DC)... COUNTING THE MINUTES UNTIL TAKE OFF!! :)

  2. Gosh you are so close!

  3. My husband and I did 4 weeks of Pescetarian eating. Definitely harder than we anticipated...

  4. 1. I've never bought a squash before - didn't realize it'd be hard to peel. I'm excited to try out a spaghetti squash though..

    2. OMG! I need to read about your Lent challenge later! I bet this was tough.

    3. My two nephews exhaust me when I hang out with them (2 times per year - they live far away). I can only imagine what you go through each day, ha ha!

    4. Haven't seen the show! No cable :( Guess I can watch it on Netflix though...

    5. Spoilers are the worst! I'm only on season 3 of Dexter and I close my eyes at anything Dexter related!

    6. YAY!!!

    7. I've given blood once (grade 11 or 12, to get out of class). I should really do this again soon. I felt so ill though, when I did it. Weak, and ill lol.

    8. Me too :( I love flying home and sitting my butt in front of the TV and watching these shows at my parents house!!!

    9. I simply cannot do morning workouts. I've tried. I'm so clumsy and grumpy. After work workouts is what I do.

    10. Me too.