Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Career Day

Good evening, friends, and happy Tuesday to you. Today, Career Day at my school, ASB encouraged us to dress up as "What we wanted to be when we grow up". Well, of course, I wanted to be a teacher. When I was little, my favorite "toy" was a chalkboard easel where I pretended to teach my imaginary students about whatever I had learned that day in first grade. I was that girl.

Today I thought back about all the other professions I considered (whether seriously or fleetingly):

  • Writing
  • Advertising/Marketing
  • Acting/Performing
  • Researching
It was so fun to see the students' dreams ahead of them; they all have such bright futures and are looking forward to what they can achieve after college. And even six years (yowza) out of college, I have big dreams. I love that idea of "when I grow up"--I feel so lucky to live in a place and time where anything feels possible.

Speaking of making our dreams possible (cheesiest transition ever?), Terry and I woke up this morning for a 4.5 mile run to keep on track with our 10K training plan. I had a rough time shaking off my sleepiness to get out the door, but once we started our jog I felt much better. We walked twice, but I still pushed through it. Terry, as always, was a champ. And made me look bad. But that's why I love him. And of course we saved time for lots of stretching at the end of our run! Here's our 10K plan again if you missed it:

A reader had asked about our pre-training base abilities. Before we started training, we ran 2-3 times per week, about 2-3 miles each time. The runs were a combination of HIIT (walking/sprinting) and steady state. And the day before we started this plan we were able to run five miles without stopping. 

I'm also not totally sure if I want to go all the way up to 8 miles the week before our race. Given how sore and tired I feel today, I think 7 miles might be a good stopping point, but we'll see how that week goes. I'd love to hear any thoughts about your training experience, especially week-before tips.

Tonight's meal, courtesy of Ina Garten again, included cod in a lemon-butter sauce, roasted broccoli, and plain couscous. 

Since we gave up meat for Lent, Terry and I are trying to squeeze in at least two fish meals per week, plus lots of milk, cheese, eggs, and beans + rice to ensure we're getting our protein. This meal turned out to be ridiculously well-rounded. It's not normally that way around here.

And I don't really mind try new foods and new recipes, as long as I don't choke on little fish bones like I almost did tonight! 

Tomorrow we get to wake up a little later than usual (5 am instead of 4:45), because our workout is just 2.5 speedy miles plus stretching. I'll be back tomorrow to share how it goes!

What did you want to be when you grew up? Funny story: My dad wanted to be a cowboy. Or a horse. :-)


  1. Honestly, I wanted to "be"/do everything that I am doing right now - so I am really living my dream, or at least beginning to - And I will ONLY continue to do so!! :D

    OMG an extra 15 minutes of sleep is HEAVEN!! Enjoy it! :)

  2. When I was little I wanted to be a teacher. My dream came true! I taught 4th and 5th grade for 15 years before giving it up this past year to spend more time with my kids. Now I coach gymnastics and teach fitness classes...still teaching, just not in a classroom!

  3. a writer...which I am....kinda?

  4. I think my career path changed with whatever I was doing at the time. at one point I wanted to be a ballerina which makes me laugh hysterically now,

  5. I wanted to be a lawyer, some days I still toy with the idea of going back to school.

  6. Astronaut! When I was nearly finished studying engineering, I thought Satellite Communications would be close enough... now I do Wireless Communications. Being a blogger gets me close to be a writer, I guess.

  7. This is awesome, I'll have to ask what my parents wanted to be as kids. I never really knew.

    I went through phases. I wanted to be a singer for a while, cause I actually had a good voice but I stopped singing at 12 so my voice absolutely sucks now :( Sad times. My family always thought I would be an artist. I guess they aren't far from the truth, I am a photographer but I also work in digital advertising & marketing.

    I remember I wanted to be a police officer for a while too. I wanted to be something bad ass.