Sunday, March 10, 2013

Seven Miles and Plans for the Week

Time changes completely throw me off. Is that just me? I woke up at eight this morning and couldn't figure out what time it "really" was. As much as I love the 7-pm-and-it's-still-light-outside, my brain just cannot handle the idea of just skipping an hour.

Before all this confusion, Terry and I spent yesterday morning running seven miles. Our run last week felt great, despite some sore hips, and we expected this week's run to be just a tad tougher. Unfortunately, I never quite settled into that groove while trottin' along. Our route started with two big hills in the first mile and a half, so I think my body felt a bit defeated from the get-go.

Still, even with two walking breaks, we kept up a 6.3-mph pace, and I'm confident that we'll be able to get through our 10K in two weeks, even if hills try to keep us down. We spent a lot of time stretching and foam rolling throughout the rest of the day and took a much-needed rest day today.

The rest of this week looks promising as far as meals and workouts, as long as we each fight off whatever symptoms that just came on today (slightly sore throats, headaches, stuffiness...).

Workouts for the week, according to our 10K training plan:

  • Monday: Upper body strength + stretching + maybe a walk to loosen up the ol' legs
  • Tuesday: 5 miles (might cut back depending on our legs)
  • Wednesday: 3 speedy miles
  • Thursday: 4 miles + lower body 
  • Friday: Yoga (going to try out a P90X yoga video!)
  • Saturday: Rest
  • Sunday: 6 miles (decided 8 miles was too ambitious--we're tapering instead)
Menu for the week:

  • Wednesday: Some sort of eggplant pasta
  • Thursday: Maybe try a homemade veggie burger (?) and sweet potato fries
  • Friday: Perhaps a new restaurant?
  • Saturday: Dinner with friends
One other fun little tidbit:

 I've decided to sign up for Tina Reale's Best Body Boot Camp again! Round 5 starts April 1st, so consider hopping on the awesome train with me for a fantastic program before summer! You can check out my post about Why You Should Boot Camp Your Booty if you're not sure what the heck I'm talking about. 

What's on the docket for you this week? Any exciting workout plans?


  1. Just stop already...we are having homemade pizza tomorrow too! But with roasted broccoli and cauliflower in lieu of the spinach salad. Soul sistahs.

  2. Yesterday felt so strange. The morning was short and the afternoon was long. I'm missing the light in the morning but it'll change soon enough.

    Yay for BBC! Tina does an awesome job!

  3. hmmm exciting workout plans?!
    my new street strider :-)

  4. Oh I love eggplant anything! Love the stretching and yoga in your workouts :)

    Spinning tonight with a back workout included :)

  5. woo I'm doing boot camp again and can't wait!

  6. So happy you're doing it again! Looks like a good week of workouts. And, surprisingly, I really like the P90X yoga video. It's surprising because I have a pretty strong hatred of Tony Horton. he annoys the crap out of me. But the yoga DVD I like.