Thursday, March 14, 2013

Spring Break Workout Round Up

Okay, perhaps it's a bit premature, because spring break isn't for two more weeks, but I'm already counting down. Time off, a little trip, and soaking up the sun--who doesn't love spring break?

But as the weather warms up and the bikinis come out, I'm also excited to make sure I'm in tip-top shape to hit the pool or the beach. While I do my best to stay healthy all the time, I'm certainly a little more conscious of getting extra toned for bathing suit season.

As I studied for my personal trainer certification and as I've found what works best for me, the biggest lesson I can pass along is that no one exercise will create the body and health you want. More and more studies are showing that we need a combination of exercises that work a variety of muscles in order to increase metabolism, build strength, add tone, slim down, or increase overall health.

So I thought I'd assemble a little collection of some of my favorite workouts, and I hope you'll consider using some to improve your fitness routine this spring!

Weekly Workout Schedule Suggestion
Monday - 30-40 minutes strength + HIIT/steady state
Tuesday - 30-40 minutes cardio + core
Wednesday - Full body strength/cardio circuit (40-60 minutes)
Thursday - 30-40 minutes cardio + core
Friday - 30-40 minutes strength + HIIT/steady state
Saturday - Rest or "fun" workout--yoga, dance class, hiking, etc.
Sunday - Rest

This schedule very closely follows the usual weekly schedule for Best Body Boot Camp (are you doing Round 5? I am! Registration is open now!). I loved Tina's typical weekly routine so much that I've adapted it into my non-boot camp training as well, even though we're running more now. Of course, change it as you see fit, but remember to mix it up and challenge yourself!

As for actual workouts, mix and match from some of my favorites below. I try to keep my exercises fresh and exciting to prevent boredom.

2.5 Mile Speedy Run
Double the Intervals
Long Interval Cardio

10/10 Walking/Running Workout
5-4-3-2-1 Pyramid Treadmill Workout

25-Minute HIIT
40-Minute HIIT Walking Workout
Full Body Tabata
Deck of Cards HIIT Workout

Stable/Unstable Upper Body Supersets
Light to Heavy Upper Body Sets
Upper Body Series

Upper Body Muscle Groups Circuit
Sure-to-Get-You-Shaky Leg Workout
Love Your Legs and Booty
Posterior: Top to Bottom
Deck of Cards Jello Legs Workout
4/2/1 Lower Body
Lower Body Muscle Groups Circuit

Full Body Circuits
January Indoor Workout
Full Body Circuit
Full Body Timed Workout

Core Circuit
Winter Core Circuit
Stable/Unstable Core Circuit

What does your workout schedule look like? Do you keep it the same week to week or change things up depending on your schedule?

Note: I updated the Better Fitness Page today to include all these workouts and more! Enjoy!


  1. Thanks for the round-up of workouts!! So many great ones here. And wow, is it almost bikini time already?? Better get a move on!

  2. Spring is if the weather will start cooperating and give us warmth! It kills me to see shorts and bikinis in the store right now. It's going to be months still before I can wear any of it!

    Great workouts - pinned!

  3. My workout schedule stays pretty well the same unless I'm on the road :)

  4. Ohh look at all those good workouts. Great suggestions, I'm also off to pin this.

    I like to switch things up but I love spinning and try to do that at least 3x a week.

  5. This was an excellent post! I'm headed to Florida in two weeks, so definitely understand ramping up the workouts! Which personal training certificate did you go for? I'm strongly considering starting that process but am so confused as to where I should begin!

  6. I like to do workout in spring. In spring season I do those workouts in which I sweat and my body fat burns rapidly. Thanks for these workouts.