Sunday, March 3, 2013

Busted Lip and Sore Hips

Sunday night, we meet again. But I have a feeling this week will ride along much more smoothly than last, thanks to some prep work today.

Tuna salad for lunches this week

Farmer's market haul, which was so fun. We had exactly $16, so we ran around from stand to stand trying to buy as much as we could. We also bought our first batch of farmer's market eggs! I'll let you know what we think.

A few other errands, including buying new dish gloves for this guy.

I wanted to make these bars, which called for granola. So.... 

And raspberry crumble bars!

But let's get to that busted lip, shall we? I'll spare you the gory photos, but yesterday we took a lovely walk and run into our friend and his dog. I got the puppy a little too excited, and she jumped up to my face, which resulted in my tooth chomping down right into my bottom lip. A little blood, some swelling, and now just a bit of soreness. I'm just hoping it'll be unnoticeable by tomorrow so my students don't ask about it a million times. 

Speaking of soreness, Terry and I finished our six-mile run this morning, and my hips are achin' big time. We foam rolled last night and loosened up with a walk this morning, but my hips still really tightened up during the run. I managed to shake it off, and I spent a little extra time stretching after we returned. I need to aim for more stretching every day, especially hip openers. Julie from Peanut Butter Fingers has a great post on helpful hip stretches if you're interested. Otherwise the run felt good, and we think we're right on target for our goal time of a 9-minute mile.

Other highlights of the weekend included this leg workout Friday afternoon,

time with Terry's family, a date night on Friday night at a new-to-us restaurant and bar, and plenty of down time together to gear up for another week.

What's your usual prep work routine to get ready for the week? We try to tackle menu planning, grocery shopping, laundry, and other household chores so that the week is more manageable.


  1. Great job with prepping your food! I finally spent some time last weekend prepping food and it made such a big difference in how I ate during the week. Thanks for sharing the leg circuit too. I was just looking for one as I'm starting to train again!

  2. So sorry about your lip! Other than that it sounds like you had a good weekend. I am so inspired by all of the Sunday food prep! and the Crumble Bars look insanely devine!

  3. Looking forward to hear how you like the farmer's market eggs! The market I frequent has great produce and local caught fish, but no eggs unfortunately!

  4. OMGOSH poor you and the lip!!
    many times Id bang mine into the thick skull/head of my bullmastiff as played :0)

  5. I love granola and yours looks mightly tasty!

  6. I try to get most things done (like laundry) done during the week. And all this weekly food prep is inspiring me to look into doing it too. We would probably start out with breakfast and lunches. Tuna is a great idea!

    Looking forward to the Farmer's markets opening around here.

  7. I need to get better at prepping, looks like you were super productive this weekend