Thursday, March 21, 2013

Geared Up and Counting Down

Well, only one more day until our big run! I'm particularly excited about this race, because A) it's shorter than the last one, B) it's pretty close to home, and C) it's sponsored by the school district where I work, so I'll know a lot of people there!

When we ran our half marathon in September,

Terry and I ran by ourselves and didn't know anyone on the sidelines. This time, we'll have plenty of friends (and students!) and will hopefully feed off that energy to get through the run. I'm also thrilled not to have to spend the night in a hotel, and I can't describe how grateful I feel not to have to wake up at 3:50 am! Since the race starts at 8, we can wake up even later than our usual time.

To prep for the race, I have a few more items on the to-do list:

  • Create a new playlist and charge my iPod.
  • Stretch and foam roll tomorrow morning and evening.
  • Drink more water than usual.
  • Enjoy a delicious pasta dinner tomorrow night.
  • Decide on my run day outfit.
  • Get to sleep early and get pumped up!
Much less stressful than last time, that's for sure. I think I could get used to this 10-K thing!

Today, to give our legs a rest, Terry and I completed Tina's Upper Body Burn Out with pre-fatigue sets. Yowza! My arms are feeling mighty weak after that beast of a workout. Terry and I both struggled to pick up our water glasses at dinner!

To round out the workout, we walked to Wahoo's, a little over a mile from our apartment. It was a perfectly mellow way to spend the evening.

And I have to mention one more thing we're super excited about: Our upcoming spring break trip! Terry and I always love traveling together, but this vacation is the first just-the-two-of-us beach trip. Crazy, right?! We've been on a few cruises, and we've been to Hawaii with my family and Cabo with his family, but most of our travel destinations land us in big cities. This time, we're off to Turks and Caicos!

Source: Google Images

I can't wait to spend a few days relaxing on the beach with my husband. That guy works so hard, and he has a huge project deadline (well, several deadlines) over the next several months, so we're taking advantage of the opportunity to get away. We chose Turks and Caicos, an island in the Western Caribbean, because it's considered one of the world's best dive locations. Terry will dive, I will read and perhaps get a massage, we will eat and rest...we're SO excited!

For now, we're off to enjoy the rest of the evening and gear up for an awesome Friday! Oh, and happy Spring!

Do you have any upcoming travel plans? Do you prefer beach destinations or cities?


  1. I'm very jealous of your upcoming trip!! I could use a beach vacation right about now. Good luck this weekend!! And have a great trip.

  2. Good luck on your race! I love the 10k distance. Unfortunately I do not have any spring break plans and your picture alone kills me. I need one so, so bad! Hope you have a blast!

  3. Have fun on your vacation!! I have always wanted to go to Turks and Caicos!!!

  4. Good luck with the race! New playlists always motivate me. :)

  5. I do in July and I can't wait!

    Have an awesome race :)

  6. I hope you enjoy that whole trip!

  7. Hi Julie,

    I'm so jealous - I wish I was going on vacation so soon! Since you love travel and fitness you should look into working with I traveled for them last summer to Jamaica and taught bootcamp and cycle classes twice a day but then got an incredibly (like incredibly) good rate on the hotel. So yeah, you're working a little bit on vacation - but it enables us to go way more frequently than we could otherwise.

    Have a great race and trip!

  8. Enjoy the race! It's always nice to be able to sleep in your own bed the night before. And yay for a getaway!

  9. First of all, good luck on the race tomorrow! Sounds like it's going to be a blast...much more fun to enjoy it with so many of your friends!

    Secondly, ohhhh I'm SO jealous of your trip! I haven't been to a beach in a couple of years...and that's a couple of years too many! I LOVE beach vacations...I'm all about just lounging away my days with my toes in the sand and a good magazine in my hand! :D