Monday, April 22, 2013

The Unexpected Killer Workout

Hello folks! In case you missed it, this weekend was all about Terry's birthday. Yesterday we hosted Terry's parents for brunch and also saw the Jackie Robinson movie 42, which was absolutely incredible. We all loved it--go see it!

Even with all the fun birthday plans, I was still eager to squeeze in a few workouts. But we honestly didn't have a ton of time for long runs or full hour-plus sweat sessions, so I designed a super quick treadmill workout that turned out to be a beast!

Seriously, I was sweating like mad and panting up a storm by the middle of this workout. No running? No problem--the inclines and quick pace made it plenty challenging.

This week is all about staying on track with workouts (including morning workouts--although today was a bust and we hit the gym at 5:30), drinking lots of water, stretching every night, and getting in my five fruits and vegetables every day. Here's our menu:

  • Monday: leftover shepherd's pie (I made Terry his favorite meal for his birthday last night)
  • Tuesday: grilled zucchini pasta with spinach salad
  • Wednesday: perhaps soup or something equally simple--maybe even take out!
  • Thursday: grilled turkey sandwiches with sweet potatoes
  • Friday: out
We also have a crazy week again, mostly for Terry, hence all the quick and simple meals. Lately my grading schedule has felt out of control, so I'm trying to be more disciplined about how I spend my time at home. Unfortunately, that strict time schedule may result in fewer and/or shorter blog posts, but I hope not--blogging is such an awesome outlet and stress reliever for me! I have so much fun writing about new topics and sharing healthy tips--and hearing from you!

And with that it's off to bed for a good night's sleep before tomorrow's early workout. We have cardio scheduled in keeping with Tina's Best Body Boot Camp, plus an ab circuit that just about made me cry last week. Tina knows how to kick our butts, but I love it!

What's on tap for this week? Any fun workouts planned? Any new recipes? Do share!


  1. Did 42 include Jackie's time at UCLA, or did it only focus on his professional career?

  2. I need to look at tina's BBBC.
    all the cool kids are doing it :-)

  3. As much as I loathe the treadmill, it can deliver a quick, sweaty workout when you are crunched on time!

  4. inclines always leave me super sweaty!! i'm doing best body bootcamp so i have a mix of strength training and cardio planned this week!

  5. I bet that's a toughie that sneaks up on you. Inclines always seem like no biggie til you hit a certain point. Great workout, Julie! :)