Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Turks & Caicos Part II

A few more miscellaneous fun photos from our trip:

Purchased this hat before the trip and the bag because we didn't have a beach tote. I love it!

I also bought this dress before the trip (TJ Maxx!)

We also loved the sunsets.

Little photo session by the pool where I look like I'm wearing a palm tree tiara. 

Did I mention the sunsets?

And Terry's trapeze stunts!!

This looks weird, but he's actually doing a back flip. 

And the catch!

You'll notice I didn't try it. Honestly, I don't have a valid excuse. I am a little afraid of heights, but not that much, so I am just a loser.

A lot of our trip was surprisingly active, too! We walked or jogged on the beach almost every day (beach running is not my forte, but I liked how it worked new muscles!), plus we tackled paddle boarding and kayaking. Talk about core muscles! I loved that we could skip the gym and enjoy the outdoors but still stay active.

Tomorrow I'll share some of our delicious meals from our trip, and then I promise no more Caribbean photos. :-)

As for today, I survived post-break Tuesday. For some reason, I always feel that the students (and perhaps the teacher?) are more out of it and dazed on Tuesday than Monday, especially after a long break. Today didn't feel too terrible, especially since we woke up early to hit the treadmill for a Best Body Boot Camp cardio workout. It's still tough to wake up, but man, does it feel good to be done after work! I even made time to sit on the couch and grade comfortably for an hour or so once I arrived home. 

For dinner, I whipped up Ina's Balsamic-Roasted Brussels Sprouts. Oooohh boy! This seriously simple recipe absolutely floored me. I like Brussels sprouts, but the pancetta and balsamic took the flavor to a new level! If you're iffy on this vegetable, consider trying this recipe. And honestly, it was the balsamic that stole the show, so you could even omit the pancetta without losing too much flavor.

And now we're off to eat some lemon cupcakes, watch House Hunters, and probably fall asleep on the couch. This life makes me happy. 

Are you active on vacation, or do you prefer to take it easy?


  1. I LOOOOVE the black dress. Gorgeous!

  2. I love being active on vacation to combat all the food and drink damage I do...lol. Looks like an awesome vacation!

  3. Absolutely! My bf and I love to stay active and MOVE! We do a lot of walking and we love to get some weight training in as well :) Excursions are fun too! Glad to see you are having a great time!

  4. Absolutely! My BF and I love to stay active while on vacation! We typically walk EVERYWHERE and weight train a little bit too. Excursions are always fun! Glad to see you guys are having a blast :)

  5. Your vacation looks amazing! I love to be active in different ways while on a trip. And I love both of your dresses, they're adorable.