Wednesday, April 10, 2013

What I Ate in Turks & Caicos

I only took a few photos of the food at the resort. Forgive me; I had to see these people throughout the rest of the week, so I didn't want to be that girl. Even though, at heart, I totally am that girl. 

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I mentioned that we were really happy with the food, and I'm sorry to say I took photos of the most boring meals. 

Freshly baked whole wheat bread, grilled chicken, pineapple, and cheese

Caesar salad and chocolate-banana tart

Tropical drinks!

One night, we ventured off the resort for a fancy meal at Coco Bistro, a little gem only ten minutes' walk from Club Med. Terry and I had heard that this restaurant would be delicious, so we called for a reservation before leaving California--good thing, too, because 9 pm on our last night was their only open time! 

Luckily, the adventurous walk in the dark to Coco Bistro and the late reservation were absolutely worth it! We LOVED this place! I'm so sad it's in another country. But it's probably best we didn't eat there until the last night; otherwise we would have spent the entire vacation here!

The stunning "decor" was actually very simple: Since the seating was outdoors, a ton of palm trees created an overhead canopy of palm fronds. The lighting created a very romantic atmosphere without feeling stuffy.

Our appetizer: Conch Two Ways--a ceviche and a calamari, plus the most delicious mojito I've ever tasted

Terry's meal: Fresh red snapper, caught that day

My dish: a giant lobster tail

For dessert: Coco Bistro's famous coconut pie

Our sweet waiter offered to take our photo!

From the setting to the service to the food, this night was the best of our trip. We loved everything and absolutely recommend Coco Bistro if you venture to Turks & Caicos!


  1. love

  2. I'm not a seafood person (though it looks pretty), but I could go for that mojito!

  3. Nice! I've only heard good things about Turks & Caicos. Good to see that the food is just as tasty as is the lovely beaches!
    I LOVE fresh seafood, so I'm sure I'd have no trouble finding some tasty food there!