Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Sprouts Farmers Market

Happy May to you! And happy May to West LA, because we have a new grocery store!

Today I (along with a few other local bloggers and media) got to tour the new Sprouts Farmers Market, located on Westwood Boulevard, just north of Sepulveda. Surprisingly, I've never shopped at a Sprouts, though they've popped up all over Southern California in recent years.

The tour today provided a sneak peak at the lovely store and a chance to ask some questions about how Sprouts stocks its shelves.

First, Sprouts is called "Sprouts Farmers Market" because they try to emulate a sense of shopping at a local farmers market, hence the wooden crates and fairly natural light.

Sprouts emphasizes that their specialty is produce, and they certainly do host a variety of fruits and vegetables.

Our lovely "tour guide", Lauren, offered tons of fun facts about the rest of the store too...

Tomorrow the store is hosting a huge grand opening and has crazy sales throughout the store.

Sprouts, like many grocery stores, has their own brand of some foods. We each received a goodie bag today, and these wafers were delicious!

Lauren called this label the "three Nos" - No artificial flavors, colors, or preservatives. 

Perhaps my favorite part of the store: a bulk spice section, so if you don't want a full jar of a spice you can just grab what you need.

Tons of coffee options, including free samples.

The bulk section truly impressed me--especially the bulk whole wheat flour! Have you ever heard of such a thing?

LOVE this idea--small blocks of cheese to try something new!

A refrigerated bread section for specialty breads and sprouted breads.

A culture I can definitely agree with!

A deli and soup section, complete with Boar's Head meats.

A HUGE Vitamins section--I'm already eager to head back and buy some daily multivitamins, because they have such a wide selection.

(I included this sign partially for an inside joke--my family and our family friends always tell this silly joke about a guy named Arty who murders three people and is paid a buck for it, and then the paper the next day says, "Arty Chokes Three for a Dollar").

Other highlights:

  • A bakery, a meat counter with custom-cut meats, and alcohol (coming soon).
  • Foods for every lifestyle, from gluten free to vegan to carnivores to splurges.
  • A wide range of options for most foods so you can select the brand you like.
  • NO loyalty card required--same price for everyone (hallelujah!).
And my honest opinion, based only on my first impression: I love it! I am thrilled to have another grocery store close to our home, and I really can't wait to go back and scour the shelves for all the foods I really love. I already noticed some of my favorite brands, which I can normally only find at specialty stores or Whole Foods:

Overall, I'd say Sprouts is a cross between Trader Joe's and Whole Foods. It has the wide selection and variety of Whole Foods but the awesome prices of Trader Joe's. I imagine I'll still frequent the actual farmers market for most of our produce, but I'm excited to make use of Sprouts' packaged goods that I normally can't find at Trader Joe's.

Our swag bags! So generous of Sprouts to offer some samples. :-) 

Scout had fun with that one...

To find a Sprouts Farmers Market near you, check out their locations. I had a wonderful experience today and look forward to sharing about future visits!

What's your favorite grocery store and why?


  1. I ADORE SPROUTS!!! I live in S. Cali and I haven't found one yet - however, when I lived in Boulder, CO there were TONS :)

    That being said, Whole Foods hold a huge place in my heart, regardless of its price tag!


  3. Sprouts is my FAVORITE place for groceries, especially organic produce. Their prices are always reasonable and the quality of the produce is amazing! Great post about a great store!

  4. When we were still in Culver City, Sprouts was one of my favorite places, especially since they were the only ones who carried the organic soy formula we needed for Noah! Luckily, we have one just 5 minutes away from our place in Redondo...we still go every week for produce!

  5. Wow, Sprouts looks amazing! I wish they existed in Omaha!

  6. Oh my goodness, I wish I went with you! I love swag bags...and the store looks chalk full of produce! I'm so excited to get some summer fruits and veggies there :)