Friday, April 5, 2013

Back from Paradise

Despite our best efforts, Terry and I are terribly jet lagged today, so my grand return to the blogging stage will be a quick one. Rather than recapping our trip, let's just focus on yesterday and today.

We left the resort after a delicious last breakfast in paradise and enjoyed an uneventful flight from Turks & Caicos to Charlotte, NC. Unfortunately, our layover--only 90 minutes to begin with--became shorter with a late landing and a ridiculous security line after Customs. By the time I made it through the line, we had about 15 minutes before takeoff, and Terry was stuck because his bag needed to go through the X-ray again. So what to do?

Obviously: Sprint through the airport. I swear, you think you're in good shape until you have to lug two carry on bags through two concourses as fast as possible. The flip flops didn't help. But I made it to the gate, where they were literally announcing the final boarding call. Mercifully, they waited for Terry, who also dashed to the gate, and we took our seats while a fellow passenger made the brilliant (to be read sarcastically) observation: "Well, those are two people who look like they almost missed their flight." Duh, dude.

You'll notice something pretty crucial here: Our meals for the day included that breakfast at 9:30, a Lara bar at noon (which we shared), and a second shared Lara bar at about 6 pm. That is NOT enough food. But thankfully planes sell food now, right?

Yeah, except when they run out of meals. We ate Chex Mix for dinner.

By the time we landed in LA, the day had consisted of thirteen hours of airports, planes, running through airports, standing in lines for security, and waiting for luggage. The much-needed trip to In-N-Out devoured in the living room made the night tolerable. We finally got to sleep around 11 PST, but our hopes of sleeping in diminished around 5 am when we both resigned to being awake.

Today felt like an extension of our awesome vacation. We worked out--Tina's Best Body Boot Camp started while we were away so I'm playing catch up--plowed through some chores and errands, and baked Ina's Chocolate Chunk Blondies. Tonight we visited some friends and their sweet four-month-old baby. Honestly, this child is beyond adorable. It was so fun to catch up and hear about parenthood. They're doing a great job!

I'm so grateful that we scheduled our trip to end well before the end of spring break. Three days off to unpack, grocery shop, plan meals, and prep for the week. Tomorrow I'll be back to share photos of our little getaway!

A little sneak preview

What's your best (worst) travel story? Honestly, yesterday was a breeze compared to the flight home from London when I'd been up all night with food poisoning. I'll take sprinting through the terminal over that nausea any day!

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  1. I love that you love the Barefoot Contessa too. My siblings and I refer to her as "Aunt Ina".