Tuesday, February 14, 2012

HIMYM Trivia Challenge

Happy Valentine's Day, everyone! Hope you had a wonderful day. Anyone have special plans? I love hearing what folks do on holidays, especially traditions. Terry and I don't have a Valentine's Day tradition yet, but this year involved pizza and television...

Speaking of which, I need to make an addendum to last night's post. In it, I included a How I Met Your Mother trivia challenge, but I wasn't very clear. So here it is again:

How I Met Your Mother Trivia Challenge
1) Click on this link.
2) Comment below or e-mail me with the name of the episode that the link's website comes from. [Note: I'm not referring to my blog's website; you have to click on the link above!]
3) If there are multiple entries, I'll select a random winner to receive a free batch of homemade goodies! 

After sitting in way too much traffic on the way home, I didn't have time for my three mile run. Instead, I walked the mile to my hair salon and back. Then, tonight, since the pressure was off for Valentine's Day, we walked the 1.5 miles out to Westwood for some pizza and ice cream. I'm still sore from yesterday's awesome lower body workout, so a mellow day felt fine for my aching muscles.

New York style pizza with pepperoni, mushrooms, and green peppers.

Handsome hubby

Sportin' my bear hat with attached gloves!

Diddy Riese!

We kept it super low key in an effort to avoid traffic, crowds, and overpriced menus. Luckily, Enzo's Pizza was just the ticket! As was falling asleep on the couch.

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  1. Yessss.... I friggin love this show! Actually this is how the BF and I got together. I started hanging out with him on Monday nights to get sushi and watch HIMYM (and big bang theory).

    This is from the episode called The Bracket. Ted tries to figure out who would want to get revenge, but it turns out that it wasn't anybody who dated Ted — I think if I remember right — it was somebody who dated (term used loosely) Barney because they got the letter from "Ted Mosby" (he used Ted's name) addressed to "resident" the night after another one-night stand.

  2. i love that you love HIMYM.
    so much.
    and i agree with Heidi.
    The bracket.
    oh, Brit Brit.

  3. The Bracket, Season 3, Ted Mosby is a jerk.com is the official website