Saturday, February 25, 2012

Saturdays Are For...

Saturdays are for sleeping past 5:45 and cuddling with this guy.

Saturdays are for getting to Costco right when it opens and finding a lovely little entertainment center that would be perfect in our apartment...

Saturdays are for lunches enjoyed at a table instead of a desk.
Cottage cheese with blueberries and strawberries, carrots,
and a tomato-cream cheese-avocado-spinach sandwich.

Saturdays are for laundry, but Scout thinks Saturdays are for playing in the laundry basket.
His head is stuck.

Saturdays are for playing with mice.

Saturdays are for crawling under the sheets while momma tries to make the bed.

Saturdays are also for lots of blog updating and organizing, so I'll be back later with more on that. Hope you're enjoying a lovely Saturday!

What are your Saturdays for? What would be your perfect Saturday?

My perfect Saturday would be somehow getting eight hours of sleep the night before, going for a run or a hike, making brunch (with mimosas!), then going out for something like a museum, movie, wine tasting, or the beach. But anything with my hubby, family, and friends would be perfect to me!


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