Sunday, February 26, 2012

Oscar Sunday

Happy Oscar Sunday! We stuffed our day (and our bellies) full today, starting with a kickass run.

Six miles felt very tough, but we pushed each other to get through it. Terry picked the route today, so I blame him for the almost-mile-long hill during mile 3. Ouch. Otherwise, we did alright and found some good grooves. I even ran without my iPod and felt okay.

After the run and a big breakfast (I had scrambled eggs, peanut butter and jelly on a slice of toast, a pear, and a glass of milk), we were off on a busy day. After church, we ventured out to Costco to purchase the entertainment center I found yesterday. I've been wanting a nicer platform for our TV for awhile, but they can be super expensive. Costco is a great choice for quality furniture at a decent price, and we both like the size, look, and storage in this unit.

But then came the task of getting it into our car (a very helpful Costco employee and Terry loaded it) and then into our apartment. Ultimately, we scored a giant piece of cardboard from the dumpster (I have no shame), which we used to reduce friction between the unit's box and the pavement. We scooted the giant, pre-assembled unit about 50 yards to the back of our complex and up exactly two stairs. Imagine, if you will, the scene in Disney's Cinderella when Gus and Jacques push the giant key up the stairs. We emulated those cartoon mice perfectly.

Luckily, our neighbors took pity on us and helped immensely. We made it into the living room without further incident, and then - while Scout explored his new "toy" - we headed off to our friends' Oscar party!

Oscar party or feast? Jenn and Justin know how to bring a group of people together! We enjoyed WAY too much food.

Justin, looking awesome as always

I will definitely learn what this dish is called, but I know it's Filipino 

Enchiladas with green sauce

Enchiladas with red sauce

Homemade pizza


Some of the ladies

Captivated by Billy Crystal

My contribution: bacon-wrapped dates. I got the recipe from Terry's coworker, Cheryl, who brought them to the Super Bowl party we attended last month. Super simple and always a hit!

We stuffed some of the dates with goat cheese (slice one side of the date lengthwise and add the cheese)


Perfect bite-sized snack!

Simply wrap each dried, pitted date (available by the tub at Costco) in a 1/2 slice of bacon. Skewer the wrapped dates on a barbecue skewer. If possible, hang the skewers on a baking dish's edges so that the fat can drip off. Bake at 375 degrees for about 40 minutes. I'm not sure if you're supposed to turn them, but I didn't and they turned out fine.

We actually had to leave the party early, sadly, because I broke out in hives! I have exactly one allergy that I am aware of: Ghirardelli dark chocolate. And I didn't eat that tonight, so I have no idea where this reaction started. So when we got home, we had time to tackle the task of setting up our new entertainment center.

What our living room looked like for about an hour

Okay, I'm still super itchy all over, so I'm off to take some Benadryl and get some zzzzzs before a new work week!

What are your goals this week? A more nutritious eating plan? More workouts? 

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  1. The Filipino dish is called Pancit, I believe.