Sunday, February 5, 2012

No-Focus Yoga

Hope you had an amazing Super Sunday! I have some fun stuff planned for tonight's post, but let's start with last night's dinner out.

We ventured to our favorite Italian place in LA, Allora, which serves seriously authentic meals in a cozy setting. We haven't been eating out much lately, which contributes to my belief that the healthiest life is one that revolves around (mostly) homemade meals. But once in awhile, a meal out makes for a great break from the kitchen and a chance to focus on conversation, people watching, and no dishes.

Appetizer: Burrata (world's most amazing cheese)

For me: Rigatoni melanzane

For Terry: Pesto, green beans, potato pasta

After a fun date night, we opted to sleep in and enjoyed breakfast in bed! It was a fun Sunday treat. We revamped yesterday's egg burritos by adding avocado. Delicious!

Scout thought it was for him.

After some super productive cleaning and fighting my lack of desire to go to yoga, I finally got my butt out the door in time to run an errand and make it to yoga in time. Today's sweat session started with our instructor, Liz, reminding us to think about our practice and decide what today's practice is about. I chose focus. Lately I've been a bit frazzled at work and at home, feeling like there's no time to slow down and truly get things done. Even this morning, I thought about skipping yoga to get stuff done. So I wanted to use the class to get focused and prove to myself that I can do it outside of yoga, too.

But it didn't exactly work. Here's what went through my head during those 90 minutes of sweating up a storm:

  • Why did I wear these pants again? They get embarrassingly sweaty!
  • That girl is super at handstands.
  • This room is hot. 
  • Why didn't I remember to bring my water?
  • Why didn't I remember to bring my towel?
  • Why can't I balance today?
  • Surely Liz must be kidding about doing a standing split right now.
Still, it got me energized and made me feel strong, limber, and relaxed. I truly love yoga and feel it's more of a reward than a workout, especially Liz's class.

Then it was time to shower up and head out for a Super Bowl party with Terry's coworkers! I made us smoothies before we headed out because I wanted to squeeze in some fruit and whole foods before an afternoon of snacking. 

Dessert first

Quite a spread
The highlights of the food: s'mores bars, bacon-wrapped dates, and Pacifico on tap. Obviously, as a Niners fan, I was far more invested in the food than the game, but we had a great time chatting with Terry's work buddies.

Finally, as a special treat, we bought a foam roller for our sore muscles. I had heard great things and wanted to try it out.


OOOOWWWWWWW! I feel pretty confident that I used words no lady should use and that likely shocked any neighbors who must have overheard. It hurt so much! But, you know, in a good way.

Off to tackle another round of foam rolling before bed. Hope your Monday starts your week on a great note!

What days are you working out this week? Have you planned your meals?


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