Tuesday, February 28, 2012

The Run from Hell

Hope you had a great Tuesday! I want to give a huge THANK YOU to anyone pinning my workouts and posts on Pinterest! It's so fun to hear from folks who've found my blog on Pinterest, and I'm super grateful! I'm still learning about Pinterest but having fun exploring and following people. Terry's going to add a Pinterest button to my sidebar soon, too! Hooray for social media!

Today's 4.5 mile run was The Run From Hell. Terry and I just weren't feeling it and groaned every step of the first two miles. My calf and lower right leg ached. Traffic (yes, in LA, traffic affects you even when you aren't in a car) sucked. Finally, when we realized that we needed to be home by 5:30 in order to eat dinner before Terry's scuba thing tonight, we kicked it into high gear! Our mile paces went something like this:
Mile 1: 6.5 mph
Mile 2: 6.4 mph
Mile 3: 7.0 mph
Mile 4 (and a 1/2): 7.2 mph
We were absolutely sprinting between stoplights. It felt like a sit com, especially when I realized that we were literally running home to our food. But hey, it worked, right?

I also want to share a workout that I designed for my cheerleaders yesterday. It was a fun circuit workout, and they all complained about being sore today, so I know it was a good one!

With my cheerleaders, I called out categories at random for about 28 minutes, giving them two 1-minute rests in the middle. You could change up this workout any way you want:

  • Complete each category in its entirety before moving to the next one.
  • Repeat it...then repeat it again. :-)
  • Add it to your normal workout or to your favorite treadmill routine.
  • Add more exercises to make it a 30-minute circuit!
I have two meals to share, because I omitted last night's dinner. 

In an adventurous mood, I picked up some frozen mixed veggies at Trader Joe's last week and planned to use them with our Tropical Teriyaki Meatballs leftovers. I added frozen corn and teriyaki sauce for the stir fry and then paired it all with chicken broth quinoa (sub chicken broth for water - works just as well, with more flavor!). 

It looks gorgeous, right? Yeah, it was pretty and colorful but not my favorite meal. I think those frozen vegetables failed to win me over. They got soggy so quickly in the sauce; when I cook with fresh vegetables I never have that problem! Lesson learned.

Tonight, however, our meal was a homerun. I got the recipe from a friend, so I want to check with her before I share it on here, but we made Thai Pork with Peanut Sauce in a crock pot! SO easy and delicious!

How are you spending Leap Day? Any special plans?

We didn't think ahead to celebrate, but having a whole extra day is kind of a cool concept. I definitely plan to complete a mellow workout and enjoy time with my two favorite guys!

Scout always looks so much littler in Terry's arms.

As usual, captivated by the straw.


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