Sunday, February 19, 2012

Tapas, Sangria, and Cruise Planning

Since Terry was still playing in the water today, I had most of the day to myself to get a few things done around the house. I powered through my third long run, which took me through campus and Westwood on a beautiful morning.

Without Terry, I thought the run would feel long or extra tough, but it wasn't bad at all. I'm starting to think this half marathon won't be so impossible after all! I felt I deserved a serious vegetable-packed breakfast (well, brunch - it was a slow start to the morning). I sauteed 1/4 onion, 1/2 bell pepper, 3 ounces fresh spinach, and feta with three eggs to make a huge scramble. I actually only finished about two-thirds of it and kept the rest for Terry to eat tomorrow morning.

Veggie-loaded brunch 

This afternoon, to honor my prize for the HIMYM trivia challenge, I baked some cookies for Heidi. A little trip around the Google world brought me to Honest Cooking's Salted Triple Chocolate Chunk cookies. I think the cookies tasted delicious, and I hope Heidi feels the same way!

Click here for the recipe
Gooey chunks make chocolate even better.

Sea salt + chocolate = bliss
Other things I did today:
Stopped by a used book store and found this awesome collection of fitness books:

I am sort of regretting not purchasing one of these.
 Also, I broke a glass.
Our first broken glass from the set we got for our wedding. :-(

After I picked up Terry, we ventured up to meet Heidi, Ed, Katie, and Corey for tapas, sangria, and cruise planning. The six of us are going on a cruise to the Eastern Caribbean during my school's spring break this year! We decided on a few excursions, caught up a bit, and enjoyed some really yummy sangria. In an effort to  find more food, we wandered around, discovering that most places close by 9 pm on Sundays. Fast food was almost an option, but luckily we found a much more suitable legit restaurant down the street. Then we all pulled out our iPads and smart phones to research our cruise. We can't wait for our big trip!

Ed, Heidi, and Corey

Katie, me, and Terry
Hope you had (or are still enjoying!) a great weekend!


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