Thursday, January 5, 2012

2012 Goals

Oh boy, I love New Year's resolutions for so many reasons: 1) I'm always striving to improve myself (hence the name of the blog); 2) I love a good challenge; 3) I love making lists; 4) I love checking my priorities and seeing what's most important to me and/or what I feel needs the most improvement; 5) I love that feeling of accomplishment when I finish (or keep up with) a resolution.

I do have a pretty good track record with resolutions, though; in fact, my matron of honor at my wedding included in her speech that Terry and I are some of the only people she knows who keep them. I was quite flattered.

Winnie at our wedding
So that brings us to this year's goals. I have 12, because I think it's cute to have 12 goals for 2012. I'm a dork, forgive me. But I'll just focus on the health and fitness ones here.

General Health Goals:

  • No soda. After reading Michael Pollan's books Omnivore's Dilemma and In Defense of Food, I've felt guilty after each sip of soda. The truth is, I don't feel well after I drink it, and I don't love the taste like I used to. So I'm cutting it out. I've recently started drinking tea, so I am happy to have a healthy replacement for my soda.
  • More vegetables. At least one green and one other-color vegetable per day. That should be easy, but I want to be more conscious of it.
Fitness Goals:
  • Stretch 5 days per week for at least 10 minutes. Stretching used to be a huge part of my daily routine when I was a dancer, so I took it for granted. Now I notice I'm not nearly as limber as I used to be, which is okay, but I'm also more stiff and sore, which is not okay. 10 minutes per day is my minimum, but hopefully I'll feel encouraged to do even more.
  • Run a half marathon. Yikes. Not sure on the date or location, but I am excited about this one!
Blog Goals:
  • Increase readership and develop my identity. Being new at blogging, I'm not sure what my specific goal should be, but I'm working on some research to help me figure that out. Any number of regular readers makes me so excited, but when it's stagnant for awhile (like lately...), I start to get anxious. I'm also working on aspects like design and figuring out my "brand". 
  • Improve the tech aspects of my blog. Terry helps a LOT with all my tech stuff, and he's going to help me switch to a new format in the summer. But I'm also sorting out all the Pages (About, Better Food, Better Fitness, etc.) and determining if Blogspot is the best host for my blog.
My other goals are personal and work resolutions, and I'm happy to share if you're interested. I can't wait to get this year's goals going, and I'm excited about 2012!


  1. These are great goals! can i tell you something? I am pretty sure I stumbled across your blog from a comment on someone else's blog that I really liked what you said. [but i really have no actual memory of when/what it was, other than in the last two weeks, when i've been doing lots of blog searching/hopping.]

    so i added you to my Healthy Living Blogs [im one of the admins of and I like to keep an ever changing list of blogs in there so i can see what the COMMUNITY of bloggesr is doing, you know?] folder to keep up with you for a bit and see if I truly love your style. Guess what? I DO.

    I think your blog is going to grow and I think you are going to develop your (what i call) "internet self" more and more this year, as alligned with your goals. I am very excited to be here on the other side of the screen as you while you go on this great adventure.

    just thought you should know!

  2. Jamie and I are running the Disneyland Half Marathon in September if you're interested!

  3. The Nike Women's Half Marathon in October is the best! Nothing better than getting a Tiffany's necklace at the end. :)

  4. Thanks, everyone! Heather, your comment left me so excited and optimistic about my blog! Michelle and Glo, I can't wait to research and ask you millions of questions! :-)