Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Lessons from a Master of Sleep

As I mentioned yesterday, I came down with some terrible food poisoning on New Year's Eve - I think. See, now I'm not so sure. Throughout the day yesterday, I experienced a few cold-like symptoms, including but not limited to a sore throat, headache, and body aches. But my stomach was feeling better, and I didn't have a fever, so I assumed it was just a cold. Then, last night, I woke up around two a.m. with more nausea. Awesome, right? So now I have no idea what's wrong, but today's going to be filled with lots of couch time and kitten-cuddling.

And it's killing me.

Those who know me well know that I have a pretty tough time sitting around. I pack 800 things into any given day and absolutely never finish my to-do lists because they're far too ambitious for any human being to accomplish in the time frame I give myself. So, for this glorious week off, I had big plans. A full, legal-pad-sized checklist of plans. Organize closets, clean the bathtub, put away Christmas (all three of our decorations), send off a birthday gift, make a few returns, frame some wedding photos. The list seemed manageable when I wrote it, but now just getting off the couch feels exhausting.

Other inconveniences about being sick: I desperately want to play with Scout, but we're pretty limited in our available activities. Fetch and "catch the string" only go so far. Oh, and it's gorgeous in LA right now! It's supposed to get to 80 degrees today. I want to be outside on a hike or long walk or at least running errands, but alas, I'll just be enjoying the view from my window.

My friend Jenn reminded me that being sick is a good way to remind yourself to slow down. While I found our vacation fairly relaxing and not as rushed as our honeymoon agenda, I can see that my stress level before the trip was too high to come down in just a week. So perhaps another few days of reading, watching TV and movies, cuddling with Scout, and taking it easy will get me back to 100% before school starts again next week.

I'm hoping this little guy...

...can teach me a few of his relaxing techniques.

It's best to find a soft, snuggly blanket.

But really, anything will do.

Bonus if your something snuggly is this guy.

You should try to find a quiet hiding place where you can sleep.

Wear socks if your feet get cold.

And then...just snooze.

Really, just resting without sleep can work too.

But sleep is best.

On a laptop...

...or just on a lap...

...or under a TV.

Try to block out distractions.

And you'll feel better in no time!
(By the way, this montage of Scout sleeping was one of my favorite things I've done in the new year. To be fair, most of the year so far has consisted of finding places to lie down in the fetal position, but still. Isn't he cute?) The only person I know who sleeps as well as Scout is my brother, but he would kill me if I posted pictures of him sleeping on here.

What foods do you eat when you're sick? Terry keeps trying to force me to eat soup, but I only like homemade stuff. So far today I've managed Saltines and a few bites of applesauce. I'm hoping to get some English muffins in me for lunch. Other suggestions?

The rest of the day will be focused on mellow chores and more rest. I'm hoping to at least clean out my sock drawer, do the dishes, sort through about 345 magazines, and continue reading The Help, which I started on vacation and already love!


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