Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Back, Biceps, and Hills HIIT

Usually, when I leave work, I'm full of energy. My days tend to be packed with adrenaline, tons to do, and lots of running around. But in the five minutes between my work and Terry's work, all that energy just drains out of me. By the time I get to him, I suddenly feel tired and eager for a nap.

Today, no exception, I picked up my hardworking husband and hit that post-work wall. I was grumpy. But as we stopped at Trader Joe's, I realized it was probably because I didn't work out the previous day and hadn't worked out yet today. So I started mentally preparing for a sweat session and convinced myself that just 45 minutes of hard work in the gym would seriously change my mood.

Done and done.

Terry and I went to the gym together and tackled biceps and back for weights and then a very quick HIIT workout. We didn't have a lot of time, and I'm still feeling sorta-kinda-might-be-getting-sick, but I am thrilled that I got to work out today. We were still done, showered, and eating dinner by 7:30! Not bad at all.

Here's what we did:

And here are some eats for the day!

Breakfast: Banana, peanut butter, cinnamon, and honey "sandwich" with tea

Lunch (at 10:45, because I knew I wouldn't have time to microwave my lunch during lunch): leftover shepherd's pie from Monday night

Afternoon snack, around 3 pm: about 3/4 cup grapes, 1/2 cup carrots, and a small peach

Evening snack while cooking: about 10 woven wheats with Spinach & Kale dip from Trader Joe's

Dinner: pepperoni pasta! (We used green and red bell peppers, because that's what we had on hand) with cabernet

Dessert: pumpkin banana bread from yesterday, plus a handful of Pretzel M&Ms.

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What's your favorite way to snap out of a grumpy mood?
Nothing beats a good workout for me, but a night out with friends does the trick, too!


  1. As much as I hate grumpy moods (who doesn't?!), I also LOVE when I get myself to the gym and walk away feeling 100million times better. Yay for endorphins! ;)

  2. working out ALWAYS helps put me in a better mood. even if it's a horrible workout while it's going on i always feel a billion times better for having done it when i walk out of the gym :) i hope you nip that sickness in the bud!

  3. TJ makes everyone happy!! Glad you & Terry managed to get to the gym :)

    && your dinner sounds incredible btw!