Sunday, September 30, 2012

Wedding Recap in Photos

Thanks for all your positive feedback on yesterday's post! Seems like we're all in the mood to get festive this fall. I bid you good luck in your endeavors to do so; please share any more fun fall ideas if they strike you!

And now, on to the good stuff. This weekend had been a long time coming, one I looked forward to for almost three years. Ever since my brother sat down next to me over Labor Day weekend 2009 and said, "So I've been dating this girl for a few weeks. She's really cool." I think part of me knew, right then, that she was The One.

And yesterday, they got married! I'll share more details this week, but let's be honest: you just want to see tons of pictures, right? Well, I am not one to disappoint, so enjoy!


With my mom's best friend (the best man's mom and the officiant's wife)

The rehearsal dinner:

My uncle insists that I post my appetizer plate (though I suppose I should note that Terry and I shared)

With my aunt

Giddy groom

My parents

The Wedding Day

The groom and groomsmen

Groom and my parents

The gorgeous bride

And her absolutely stunning dress

So beautiful!

With my cousin Chase (who caught the bouquet!)

And with my own hubby :-)

The bridal party!

Very cool DIY idea for table numbers 

With Pops

Delicious salad

Dad's speech

Ashley's dad's speech

One of my favorite photos that Terry captured

With the best man

Having fun!

The Newlywed Brunch

My handsome husband

Signing the marriage license

Another super cool DIY idea - tape the bills together and have the recipient pull them out in a long strand

Chris and Ashley bobbleheads!

A very special congratulations to the gorgeous couple. I'm so thrilled that my big brother found the girl of his dreams, and we are all so happy that Ashley is such a wonderful person. I'm especially glad to finally have a sister! It was a beautiful, fun weekend with a lot of love all around. 

Tomorrow (Monday), the happy couple are off on their honeymoon! Wishing you both a wonderful week of fun in the sun!

More to come about the wedding this week, along with some thoughts about starting October on a positive note. Have a great first day of the new month!


  1. the wedding looks so gorgeous! my big brother is getting married in june and i cannot wait. i love being a sister of the groom :) luckily for me i have three brothers so i have lots of chances.

    1. Sister of the groom is the best! SO fun, no stress, and lots of love!

  2. What a beautiful wedding. Your sister in law made for such a gorgeous bride. I'm so glad you took the time to share these pictures with us. You can tell how much love & time went into this special day!

    Love your yellow dress btw <3

    1. I agree! She was stunning, and there was just SO much love!