Saturday, September 1, 2012

Ready to Run

Happy September! Can you believe it's already almost fall? Anyone have any exciting plans for this upcoming season? I'm pretty thrilled because, originally, Terry was scheduled to be traveling for two months for work, and now he's staying home! Obviously I'm stoked to have my buddy here for all that time instead of far, far away.

To kick off this Labor Day weekend, Terry and I really took it easy last night, and I was asleep on the couch by 10 pm. We still forced ourselves to wake up early this morning, though, because we need to get to bed early tonight for a 4 am wake up call. Because our half marathon is finally here! It seems like we've been training forever. As eager as I am for it to be over, I'm actually pretty excited about this whole weekend.

Today we're finishing our packing and enjoying a relaxing morning of tea, leftover quiche, playing with the kitten, and printing out all our forms.

Confession: I don't know which outfit I'm wearing tomorrow. It's going to be a game day decision.

I also downloaded some songs I've been meaning to buy for awhile now and created my playlist for tomorrow.

(Lady Danville is a band made up of three of our good friends from college! You should definitely check out their music!)

Even in our training, I don't listen to my iPod for the first hour or so; I save it for when I'm really aching and need the push. I've mentioned before that Terry would be perfectly happy to run in silence, but I like letting the music pump me up toward the end. I think I have too much music on here, but I also tend to listen to just parts of songs and then skip to the next one, so this list allows me to do that without running out of music. Some folks have said that the energy, entertainment, and music along the way is so fun that I won't even need my iPod, but I'll just keep it as a back up option.

Around noon, we'll be heading down to Anaheim (only about 45 minutes away) for the Health & Fitness Expo. I can't wait to see all the runners and to explore what goodies Disney has for us!
After we wander around the Expo, we'll check in to our hotel and make sure our transportation to the race is all set. If I understand correctly, Disney has arranged shuttles for a ton of local hotels, so we won't have to pay for parking or walk the mile to the start line. Again, though, I just want to check.

We plan to eat dinner tonight in Downtown Disney and get back to the hotel early for bed. I'm sure I'll be way too amped to sleep early, but we can at least rest, stretch, foam roll, and prepare all our gear. Tomorrow morning we'll snack on a bit of trail mix, but neither of us likes to eat too much before we run.

The race starts at 5:45 tomorrow morning, but we're in the second-to-last corral, so I imagine we'll start running closer to 6:30 (?). You can follow me on Twitter (@BetterBurgers), Instagram (BetterBurgersJulie), or Facebook ( to see how we did (after the race--I'm not so talented that I can run and tweet at the same time).