Sunday, September 2, 2012

Half Marathon by the Numbers


Weeks spent training: 15
Pairs of shoes for training and the race: 2 each
Highest mileage before the race: 11.5
My blood pressure, as measured by St. Joseph's Hospital at the Health & Fitness Expo yesterday: 106/71

Race Stats

Julie's bib number: 12158
Terry's bib number: 12156 (we couldn't find 12157)
Participants in the Disneyland Half Marathon: 17,073

Winning time: 1:05:29 (almost exactly half our time)
Our corral "number" (the emcees kept calling them numbers): F
Number of horse jokes my dad made about corrals: 1

Race Day
Official miles run: 13.1
Miles run according to our tracker: 13.5
Official time to completion: 2:10:48
Pace: 9:59 minutes per mile

Hours of sleep last night: 6
Time we woke up this morning: 3:50 am

Time the race began: 5:45 am
Time we crossed the START line: 6:16 am
Time we crossed the FINISH line: 8:26 am
Time we finally boarded the shuttle back to our hotel: 10:30 am

Trips to the bathroom before the race because I was nervous I'd have to go during the run: 3
Blisters acquired during today's run: 2, plus some toenail action for Terry
Possible stress fractures: 1 (Terry's left foot)
Hours spent feeling nauseous after the run: 3
Massages planned for tomorrow: 2 (one each)

Character sightings: 20
Signs that said, "McKayla is not impressed": 1
Kittens we were happy to cuddle with upon our arrival home: 1
In N Out milkshakes we enjoyed with dinner: 2 (one each)
Quantity of water consumed today: one gallon each
Time spent in Anaheim: 22 hours

Half marathons on our horizon: 0 - thank goodness

**I'll have a more detailed post later this week! Thanks so much for all your words of encouragement, good luck wishes, and support!


  1. AHHH SO EXCITING!! Love the race breakdown in numbers. Great pace to the both of you.I hope Terry's foot is okay & starting to heal though. Injuries are never good :( Continue resting, and taking it easy. But again, Congratulations on the race. You two rock!!

  2. CONGRATS I knew you would rock it, my wish was to run that race one time.

  3. Yay Team BLWB!!! A Most Excellent Achievement!!!! And enjoy those well deserved massages. You two roll! Elodie

    1. Thanks Elodie! :-) The massages were awesome!

  4. congrats julie & terry!!! hope you're having a nice day off & are recovering ok!

    1. Thanks Sarah! We're sore but surviving!