Tuesday, September 18, 2012

A Field Day for Scout

Presenting the newest addition to our apartment:

A fan!!! We are cooling down a bit around here, but Terry and I decided it would still be good to have a fan for the night so we can sleep better. We've both been exhausted for about a week and need a few good nights of rest.

Scout is thrilled about the box the fan came in but not so sure about the fan itself.

He kept a good distance for awhile but is slowly coming around.

After work and a stop at Target to purchase our precious new device, Terry and I headed to our little apartment complex gym for a fantastic weight workout. I used an oldie but goodie from boot camp that incorporated pyramid-style training. We started with low weight and high reps of an exercise, built up to high weight and low reps, and then worked back to low weight and high reps. Talk about feelin' the burn!

We also declared that today would be especially productive, so we dashed back and forth from the gym to the laundry room to get some clothes washed. I was out of my good workout socks, so it was necessary. Scout, of course, had a blast playing and napping in the warm laundry.

It was just a field day for that little guy!

We also hit the pavement for about 10 minutes of jogging and 15 minutes of walking. I honestly felt like I could have taken a nap instead of working out, but I kept telling myself that I wouldn't regret getting some cardio done. I was right, but I'm still tired!

Tonight's dinner was banana & macadamia nut pancakes. As usual, I used Lisa's recipe but added one teaspoon of vanilla and macadamia nuts (obviously). It reminded me of the pancakes we had in Hawaii that were SO good. But we opted to skip the whipped cream tonight...sadly.

I spy a recycled photo!

As you can deduce, I'm just completely wiped. I apologize for the short one, but tomorrow's WIAW will include a workout and (hopefully) a new recipe...if it goes well!

Oh, and special thanks to Molly for wishing me a Happy National Cheeseburger Day! I wish I had been able to celebrate tonight, but perhaps this weekend...


  1. Oh wow, those pancakes sound delicious. I would never of thought to add mac. nuts to the mixture! <3

  2. i love how funny pets get around new things in the house. my dogs are such scaredy cats its hilarious!

  3. i have been on such a pancake kick lately and those look awesome. macadamia nuts is an awesome idea! i definitely haven't been tossing enough nuts into my pancakes but those make me want to go buy some macadamia nuts right now and get going. maybe tomorrow! also is there anything better than pancakes for dinner? i think no.

  4. The pancakes sure look yummy! :)

    My parents found an extra fan in the basement for my room because I was complaining about how warm it was at night. Then fall decided to hit and we got our first (small) frost last night. Let's just say I didn't need a fan to stay cool.