Monday, September 3, 2012


One tremendous accomplishment dominated this weekend. It was months, years really, in the making. There were lots of stumbles along the way, plenty of opportunities to give up, but, ultimately, success was inevitable. 

Yes. You know what I'm talking about.

My husband won Super Mario Bros 3. The whole thing. Every level, no whistles. CONGRATULATIONS, TERRY!

Then, the next day, we ran a half marathon together.

Here's a little recap of the weekend: 

A little time in Downtown Disney for lunch and the Health & Fitness Expo.

Materials for spectators to make signs!

Registered Dietitian giving a talk about hydration, nutrition, and refueling.

Picked up our bibs...

Checked out the finish line (I joked that it was good to cross it now, just in case...)

Our goodies... (honestly, we both felt that Disney could have done better, but the shirt and poster were nice).

Although my shirt fits kinda weird and would be very uncomfortable to run in!

Before and after photos:

Hopefully we'll get some professional photos from the race soon! It was a great weekend, and we are SO sore, but we hope that'll only last another day or so. For now, time for bed to rest up for a (short) week of school and work! I promise that I only have one more half marathon post comin' at ya to tell about the actual race itself, and then we'll get back to business as usual at BLWB.

Thank you again for your encouragement, tweets, messages, and love over the weekend! We were so grateful for the support! 

Do you have a half marathon recap post? Link up below for anyone who's interested!


  1. Ha Ha Terry sounds just like Joshua. Joshua beat the game last year, and you would've thought he just won a million dollasrs haha.

    Eh your shirt does fit quite strange, how weird lol.

    Continue resting guys.. the soreness will go away soon I promise :)

  2. So jealous! I have always wanted to run that race! Nice job!