Wednesday, September 12, 2012

What I Ate on a Very Long Wednesday

A few weeks ago, I outlined a plan for waking up earlier so that, eventually, I can become a morning exerciser. I know you're just dying to know how that's all progressing! Sadly, I've found myself going to bed later rather than earlier, but I have been waking up right at 5:30 every morning. (Which translates to less sleep. Not okay.) Today, however, I actually woke up early to workout!

I've said it over and over again: it's all about planning ahead. Yesterday I realized that I had a busy day coming up, so I had to figure out how to make my workouts fit the schedule. Yesterday's boot camp workout was short (just 30 minutes of cardio), but today's was longer, so I switched the two. Since today was Back to School Night at my school, I knew working out in the afternoon/evening was out of the question--so a morning workout it was. My favorite.

I planned ahead like a madwoman. I filled my water bottles before work, I threw together some overnight oats, Terry packed up our lunches after dinner, I set out my workout clothes. No excuses. I made it so that I would never be able to justify not getting up. And...success! at 4:50, I hopped stumbled out of bed and tackled my 25-minute HIIT walking workout (60 seconds intense, 60 seconds recover). It turned out that Terry and I got ready and out the door about 10 minutes earlier than usual! Preparation is key!

What I ate on this very, very long Wednesday:

6:45 am - Breakfast
Overnight oats (recycled picture; I actually ate in the car) + tea

2:00 pm - Lunch 
Leftover Greek salad

4:00 pm - Snack

5:00 pm - Dinner
Leftover Sabrosa Burger, devoured while grading in the teacher's lounge

8:30 pm - Dessert
Great Harvest Whole Wheat Cinnamon Burst toast with Trader Joe's Cookie Butter and a glass of wine

Look at those delicious patches of cinnamon!

Honestly, I'm still hungry, and I will likely take another look in the fridge for some kind of a late night snack after I publish this post. Then again, I'm so exhausted that sleep--for the first time ever--may win out over food.

I hope you had a wonderful Wednesday!

Side note: Has anyone seen the Weight Watchers commercial for guys? I love it! I mean, the commercial is just like their other ones, but I love the idea of providing men the opportunity to join a community aimed at losing weight. I don't agree with everything Weight Watchers does, and there are plenty of other weight loss options out there, but it works for a LOT of people, and removing the stereotype that only women want to lose weight is a step in the right direction!

Have you tried Weight Watchers? What were your thoughts? 


  1. i did weight watchers for a few months when i first started trying to lose weight. i just used the online program - not the actual meetings - but i really liked it because i'm super ocd so it gave me a good way to kick start my weight loss journey that kept me accountable. the only thing i didn't like is that it doesn't really encourage eating whole and natural foods - i found myself buying a lot of processed snacks and treats that were low points but really not good for you. when i actually started eating whole foods, incorporating healthy fats into my diet, and recognizing that you can't just binge eat fruit all the time (fruit is free on weight watchers), i started really liking it so i left WW. i definitely would never have been able to get where i am today without it though, so i'll always be super thankful for the help it gave me at the beginning.

  2. good job on trying to shift to a morning person! it really takes an earlier bedtime for sure

  3. that commercial is actually pretty fun. But I would like to tell them, I like beer JUST as much! ;)

    My dad actually did weight watchers YEARS ago and had a lot of success. He struggled with maintenance after he was no longer a part of a group but he's definitely proof it's possible.