Thursday, September 20, 2012

What I'm Loving Lately

The Best in TV, a show we watched last night about all the best shows of all time. Some of our favorites were mentioned, including:

  • Seinfeld (2nd best comedy, 3rd best overall)
  • I Love Lucy (best comedy, best overall)
  • Johnny Carson (best host)
  • Mad Men (5th best drama)
I love countdown shows like that!

My adorable kitten. I have a basket of toys that he either doesn't play with or that we haven't yet given him (he tends to rip apart his toys, so I buy in bulk and replace as necessary). Well, yesterday when I got home from work, he had dragged this set of toys--still attached to the cardboard--out to play.

Banana and nut butter "sandwiches"

The fact that tomorrow is Friday. I am desperate for some good sleep!

Catching up with friends. I feel as though lately I've been lucky enough to get back in touch with some old friends or just catch up with my many friends who have moved away. I feel very lucky to be blessed with such wonderful people in my life.

Hilarious political graphics.
From the day after the DNC. (Source)

Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert. Hilarious, and delivering the news of the world in a much more digestible format than most stations. I especially love Jon Stewart's Best F*ing News Team.

Trying new brews. 

Slightly cooler weather. I'll take what I can get. Our fan is less necessary but still nice! And Scout is more willing to cuddle!

The Bruins. 3-0 baby!


Go Giants. Go Niners. 
What are you loving lately?


  1. i am loving...

    ...breakfast foods. i can't stop eating breakfast for breakfast, lunch and dinner. if it's a pancake, i'm eating it.

    ...the fact that it's friday!

    ...getting a handle on my stress!

  2. Love these type of posts. Banana & PB Sandwiches=amazing!!!

    Today I'm loving the fact that our little girl will finally be out here w/ us TOMORROW!! I can hardly wait to have our dog here!!