Saturday, September 29, 2012

Festive Ideas for Fall

I guess it's becoming more and more apparent that autumn is my favorite season. At the very least, it's in the top four.

My definition of living a healthy life extends beyond exercise and nutrition. While those elements certainly contribute to a good health, I also know how important it is to live a well rounded life in order to truly achieve that state of optimal health. Here are some fun ways to get in the fall spirit this season while also exploring some good-for-you ways to stay healthy.

Go apple picking.
Get outside, try something new, and you know what they say about an apple a day.

Bake a healthy autumn dessert.

Take a walk and enjoy the changing colors.
If you live in an area without much change in season, you can still take advantage of the cooler weather (though in LA we may have to wait a few more weeks...)

Eat outdoors.
If, like me, you live in a still-warm region, take advantage of the last of the warm weather. Have a picnic, eat outdoors at restaurants, or just enjoy your appetizers on your porch/balcony/backyard.

Check out your local farmer's market for seasonal vegetables (hello, butternut squash!), and learn about what's in season. 

Go to a pumpkin patch.
Even if you aren't into carving the pumpkins, you can decorate with them, check out the haystack mazes, and get in the spirit of the season. But if you're into it, carving pumpkins can be fun for adults, too!

Decorate your house for fall.
Having a beautiful, calm space to come home to can keep you feeling calm as the holidays approach.

Attend a football game.
Check out a local high school, college, or professional game. Nothing beats some pre-game burgers on the grill and cheering for your favorite team.

Bust out that crock pot.
Nothing says fall like a comforting meal in the crock pot. We want to try a new crock pot chili recipe this autumn.

Host a gathering.
Perhaps a Halloween party, a Thanksgiving feast, a Friendsgiving, a Columbus Day get-together... Getting together with friends and family is a sure way to relax and laugh.

If you're of age, be sure to take time to vote! 

Celebrate Oktoberfest.
See if any local pubs or restaurants are observing Oktoberfest and join in the fun!

Enjoy a staycation. 
Instead of going away for a weekend, turn off your phone and computer and hole up inside for a day or two. Spend time reading, catching up on your favorite shows, or sleeping in. Taking time to reboot can make you feel refreshed and ready to tackle the rest of the season.

And hang out with your pets!

Or go on a weekend trip.
Find a B&B within driving distance and enjoy the area's hiking, eateries, and activities.

Enjoy your fall!

What are your favorite fall activities? Share below!


  1. these are all such great ideas! i love fall too - just like you said, it's definitely in my top 4. i would say most of my fall activities are already on your list, but i also love (this isn't really an activity) lighting fall scented candles. that makes me feel super autumnal :)

  2. these are so great! i need to make a fall bucket list because I would hate to see my fall blow by!

  3. I most definitely LOVE apple picking! I already went once this season and I'm so excited we're going again in about 2 weeks - yay!!!

  4. What a great list of fall ideas! Love baking foods/sweets with pumpkin!!

  5. Love fall and love these ideas!!!