Thursday, February 28, 2013

Sneaky Vegetables

I had an awesome package waiting for me when I got home from work today!

My new shoes!

(Can you tell in the bottom left picture that my foot is lifted? I was falling off balance as I took the photo.)

I ordered Reebok RealFlex Scream 2.0 shoes, because I've been doing ALL my workouts in running shoes for the last year, and I suppose that's why I go through the running shoes so quickly. 

These shoes are super lightweight, comfortable, and cute! I'll let you know what I think once I get a few workouts in.

In other news, the morning workouts haven't exactly been wildly successful this week. We made it yesterday, but this morning we both just rolled over and went back to sleep when our alarms yelled at us. Then, because the workout gods were laughing at us, traffic turned our normally-15-minute commute into an hour-long fiasco, and Terry didn't make it home until 6:15. We called it a sign and took today as a rest day, vowing to actually get up tomorrow at 4:50.

But tonight I refused to let our dinner plans follow the way of our workouts and successfully created a new-to-us recipe! I've made whole wheat crepes once before, and this recipe is absolutely delicious. I simply sauteed some spinach (with olive oil, salt, and pepper) in a separate pan, then rolled up about half a cup of wilted spinach with a tablespoon or so of ricotta cheese. I threw each finished crepe into a 300-degree oven while I prepped the rest. 

By the way, crepes are not what I consider an easy dish. These bad boys loved irritating me when I tried to flip them over. I found the key is to ensure that the pan is preheated for quite awhile and to make sure that the batter is super thin in the pan.

Otherwise, you get this:

Sad crepe.

I'm also whipping up a loaf of zucchini bread. Those sneaky vegetables, finding ways to infiltrate delicious breakfast foods. So silly.

See you tomorrow with a leg workout and Friday fun!

Happy March! 


  1. making crepes totally intimidates me but I have always wanted to. these look amazing

  2. I tried Reebok shoes once and wasn't super happy with them and I've been afraid to try any others. Yes, feel free to remind me that not all shoes are made equal... ;)