Monday, February 25, 2013

10-K Training Plan

Well, folks, I'm back on the running wagon again!

Terry and I are officially training for our 10K. Yesterday we completed a "getting our toes wet" 5-miler, and it felt pretty good. It's funny, but once we got rolling, I felt almost as though I hadn't taken a break. Well, except for the whole gasping-for-air thing.

See, when we trained for our half marathon, it took awhile to understand how my body deals with running long distances. But this time, when I felt that little twinge in my knee, I knew that a quick massage would get rid of it. When I thought I needed to walk, I pushed a little harder. When we hit a tough hill, I focused on the tempo of my music.

I still don't ever want to run another half marathon, but I'm excited about this smaller challenge that won't totally destroy my foot. I have a lot more confidence in myself as a runner now!

The race is in four weeks, on March 23. I plan to loosely follow a combination of the Novice and Intermediate training plans that Hal Higdon designed. 

Today, though, Terry and I wanted a chance to catch up on our work days and chat a little, so we took a little walk around our neighborhood before stretching and decided to bump the upper body action to tomorrow. We'll run four miles in the morning and then hit the weights in the afternoon.

I'm so excited to have a new plan! After the last two months of creating my own workouts, I'm looking forward to a little variety in my routine. And I really love training with Terry; we complement each other well. (Perhaps that's why we got married?) I'm the one who keeps us on schedule and gets us out the door, but once we're running, Terry is a machine. He keeps an incredibly consistent pace and pushes me to keep going. Such a team. :-)

Before I go, I am thrilled to announce some SUPER exciting news: my friend Jenn started her own blog! Jenn has been incredibly supportive of my blogging journey, and I'm so happy that she has begun her own adventure.

Jenn's blog, Buff Girl on a Budget (I can't even tell you how much I love that name), follows Jenn as she explores workout discounts. She tries out unique classes throughout Los Angeles, including beach yoga, Zumba, and aerial arts. This week, Jenn asked me to write a guest post about our SoulCycle endeavor, so please check it out! I guarantee you will love her blog; she's hilarious and SO inspiring!

Have a lovely Tuesday!

What workout can you return to time and time again without feeling like you took a break? For me, running is getting more comfortable, but I'll have to say dance. Jenn took me to a hip hop class last year, and I loved getting back into the groove!


  1. I'm hoping that running will be easy to get back into! I've been on a break for a long while, but had the itch to get back to it again, so hopefully it won't be too difficult. Though each time I start again, after stopping, I regret having ever taken a break from running.

    1. You can do it! I always try to squeeze in a little running each week, even if it's just a few minutes or some intervals. It keeps my muscles ready!

  2. I love running, so I wish I was naturally good at it! I've never a hip hop class. I feel like I would need to drink first. Probably not appropriate... haha

  3. Great plan, it is nice to have something to rely on when the motivation isn't there on bad days

  4. This is a great plan! What base have you built before starting this training plan?

    1. I run about 3 times per week, either HIIT intervals (with walking) or steady state. I felt starting at five miles was a good place to begin, and when it wasn't crazy difficult I created this full plan. Thanks for asking!

  5. Thanks for the shout out! I would have never started a blog if it weren't for your inspirational self :) I can't believe you're back on the running "band"wagon (did you catch that Jeopardy clue the other night?). Go you. If you're up for another pair of customizable shoes, I would be down to try that with you. I'd be getting them customized to dance workout classes...let's add that to our list of shopping spree for workout clothes! Lots to do together in the near future!