Friday, August 28, 2015

Fun Friday

Happy Friiiiiiiday! Actually, all day I felt like it was Saturday, so the fact that we have a whole weekend ahead is thrilling. And today was already awesome!

We decided to get up and out (after a cup of tea, of course) for a quick jog around the block. Perhaps 15-20 minutes, but a great start to the morning nonetheless. Then Terry took Marshall to the park and gave me a bit of time on my own, and we all reunited after Terry took Scout for a checkup at a new vet. During Marshall's nap, Terry and I raced through three more episodes of Once Upon a Time. We've been averaging at least two episodes per night in an effort to finish season four before it expires on Hulu. And then today, of course, Terry discovered that season four will be available on Netflix (to which we also subscribe) today. Sooooo that was pretty hilarious.

After Marshall woke up, we all needed to get out of our ridiculously hot apartment,

 so we headed to Third Street to walk around and share a milkshake.

And then we went to Burger Lounge for a little splurge for dinner!

(A little nervous when the waiter came over.)

Our evening has been a super mellow one, focused almost entirely on staying coolish in this heat. Lots of ice water around here.

Two fun links:

I'm not a concert person, and I don't LOVE Taylor Swift as much as maybe I'm supposed to (though of course her songs are always stuck in my head and I will not turn off "Blank Space" or "Shake It Off" for anything), but I would have been ridiculously excited to see this surprise guest at her concert last night. Plus Justin Timberlake? Well done, TSwift.

Guy annoys girlfriend with puns at IKEA. This man is my cuppa tea. With Terry, I'm usually the one who makes annoying puns, so I feel like this guy and I could be friends.

We're off to bed! Good night all!


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