Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Tuesday Tangents

One of my favorite bloggers, Hungry Runner Girl, writes "Tuesday Tangents" every week, so here's my take on it!

Hope you're making your way through the week over in your world; ours is moving along pretty slowly but moving nonetheless. My legs are dead weight today thanks to last night's workout, which I highly recommend. Remember to use heavy weights--they make all the difference!

Speaking of weights, tonight is an upper body workout--chest, triceps, and core. Supersets, 2-3 rounds of each set before moving to the next. Remember to warm up (complete a few bodyweight rounds of planned exercises to avoid injury)! (I'm using 15-lb dumbbells.)
- Dumbbell chest press (12) + Skullcrushers (12) + Reverse crunches (20)
- Wide-arm push ups (10) + Tricep push ups (10) + 1 min plank -- I did these push ups on my knees
- Dumbbell chest flys (10) + Dumbbell overhead triceps extension (10) + Hundreds
- Bench dips (15) + Crunches of choice (30)

Needless to say, between sore legs and sure-to-be-sore upper bodies, we're taking a much-needed rest day tomorrow!

I made a huge batch (is that what it's called?) of smoothies yesterday and opted for a bowl with granola, banana, and honey on top. Marshall chugged his smoothie out of his cup. We both loved them.

I'm currently listening to this song on repeat. I don't normally follow music all that much, but when I hear something I love I tend to go overboard playing it over and over again. Plus, the music video is so sweet (I have a soft spot for redheads and am secretly hoping Marshall will end up with red hair like his uncle!).

Lately I've been making iced tea at home! I actually never order iced tea in restaurants for some reason, but I was craving something cold and caffeinated, so I had to look up a recipe. Much as I consider myself a decent cook/baker, anytime I try a new recipe I always look up ways to make it to ensure I'm not skipping some essential step. Turns out iced tea isn't exactly rocket science. I brewed three tea bags in 4 cups of boiling water for 5-10 minutes, tossed the tea bags, and cooled the tea in the fridge. We sweetened it with sugar our first time out but then tried maple syrup the next round and preferred that (it's how we usually make our hot tea, so it makes sense). By the way, I buy my maple syrup at Costco--Kirkland Organic Pure Maple Syrup. Less expensive than Trader Joe's AND organic! I put it in everything--baked goods, tea, oatmeal, and of course on pancakes and French toast.

I headed to the grocery store with no meal plan today, which is rare and dangerous for me. I ended up deciding on macaroni and cheese with mixed-in peas plus a salad. It's kind of weird eating at 5:30 now (we are about half-and-half as to whether or not we eat with Marshall or wait until he's asleep), but I think I prefer it to the other option. I like being able to squeeze in some dishes and cleaning while Terry gives Marshall his bath so we can use more of the evening to work out, relax, talk, and watch our shows. Tonight we opened a bottle of wine after our workout and tackled a particularly challenging Sudoku puzzle. Because we're super cool. You should be jealous you don't hang out with us more often.

And finally: this photo illustrates what I hope Marshall's childhood will feel like for him. Pure joy, no holding back, not a care in the world.

Oh, and rooting for the Giants. (And Bruins.)

What was the last workout you did that got you sore? Keep it clean, folks.

Is it a batch of smoothies? Vat? 

What song are you loving right now? My neighbor played "Blank Space" about seven times this afternoon. Not exaggerating. 


  1. Skullcrushers are always a killer the following day. Just screen-shot the workout to try during my next arm day. Thanks!!

    ((holds out glass))