Monday, August 3, 2015

Getting Out in LA

Happy Monday to you! Today I'm writing during Marshall's nap; we'll see how far I get before he wakes up. Lately he's slept anywhere from 60 minutes to three hours, so I try to be ready for anything.

In an effort to get out of the house and stay out of the (admittedly not-too-hot) heat, we finished up our weekend yesterday with a lovely visit to the Getty. It's $15 for parking but otherwise free, and it turned out to be great for our little wanderer to walk around. He only had one minor meltdown in the Rembrandt room, so we called the day a success. Terry and I agree that it's always nice to get out to enjoy the unique attractions LA has to offer, but it's so easy to make excuses--we're not feeling well, it's too hot/too far/too something, it's not toddler-friendly, whatever. But days spent hanging around the house tend to feel dull and we all get restless, so we're adventuring out a bit more.

Marshall was absolutely enthralled on the train!

View from the Getty

Staring at the moving sculpture

Lots of walking!

This morning, since Terry's at jury duty again, we had the morning all together. I made fried eggs to enjoy with our toast and plum slices this morning.

Then we walked to the park :-)

I love the park early in the morning because it's so quiet. Of course, I like it when Marshall can meet and interact with other kids, but it's nice when I can let him explore on his own without my having to worry if a big kid will accidentally knock him down. 

As it's Monday, I'm eagerly looking ahead at the rest of the week. I finished up that pathetic meal plan I started yesterday:

Monday: Pesto, goat cheese, and grilled vegetable (onion, zucchini, plus roasted red bell peppers) sandwiches on whole wheat

Tuesday: s (mostly so we can have leftover soup the rest of the week for lunch!)
Wednesday: Out! Special treat :-)
Thursday through Saturday: Hello Fresh! Meal (I completely forgot to cancel my subscription, so we have another week coming at us)

And for workouts, I'm slowly feeling well enough to get myself moving again. We walked this morning, and I got some major shaky legs from a Pilates-inspired workout at home tonight. The other day I did my EMOM 20 (Every Minute on the Minute--6 push ups per minute), plus a bunch of different biceps and shoulder exercises in between. I still feel a little sore today, which is nice, considering I've barely done any sort of workout in almost three weeks. So much for an active summer, huh?

Today's adventures: lunch (more meatball pita pizzas because they were amazing), finding new sunglasses for Marshall, and the grocery store. 

Any exciting plans this week? I am loving that Terry's on jury duty, because his days are shorter and we get more time with him in the mornings! Maybe we'll all feel well enough to take advantage of the cool morning weather and head out for a run one of these days...


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