Sunday, August 9, 2015

Sunday Night Rituals

Another weekend on the books! We tried to keep lots of weekends open this summer, simply because our spring was too hectic, and it kind of backfired. Yes, it's been great to get Marshall on a really consistent schedule (and of course we're thankful every single day when he sleeps through the night, so no regrets there), but when the weekends come around and we have nothing to do, we end up feeling a little bored and restless.

This weekend was a little different, though, because we actually had plans! We ventured out to the splash pad park, but it never turned on because of the drought, so we just played at the playground and came home. Marshall had visitors on Saturday, and Terry and I ended up getting a lot done around the house (remember how I said we have been trying to go to the movies? Thwarted again!). Then Saturday evening we headed out to our little martini party!

We get together with this group maybe every other month and always have a great time. This time our hosts created four different types of martinis--lemon drop, cosmo, caramel apple, and chocolate raspberry. My favorite was the cosmo! It was a lovely night to just relax and hang out with adults.

This morning Marshall slept until 6:30 ( nice), and after breakfast we packed up the jogging stroller for a journey to the farmers' market. We jogged maybe a mile and a half or so and walked the rest--a total of five miles round trip. We even splurged on our favorite hummus and pita at the farmers' market and some peaches. It was perfectly overcast and not too hot, wonderful for our long outing.

Yesterday I got some time to plan out our menu for the week:

Yes, all our special events get little notes like that one.

Here's a link to the risotto recipe (Ina, of course). I'm adding pancetta because it sounded good. Doesn't it always?

And for workouts:

Sunday: long walk/jog - Done!
Monday: yoga (stretch) + upper body
Tuesday: Rest day/walk
Wednesday: Lower body + HIIT
Thursday: Rest/walk
Friday: Full body strength workout
Saturday: Easy jog (aiming for 3 miles)

I'm so grateful we're finally healthy enough to even plan workouts, so I'm perfectly happy taking at least two rest days. If we need more as we get back into it, I'm fine with that, too.

We enjoyed a lovely, quiet weekend, and now we're ready to dive back into the week. Marshall's going to sleep now, so Terry and I are off to enjoy a toast to the end of the weekend and bury ourselves in Once Upon a Time, as well as some salted caramel brownies I made yesterday (I use this recipe for the caramel, and for the brownies I follow Lisa's recipe except I use 1/2 cup sugar and 1/3 cup cocoa). We usually end our nights with an episode of The Office while working on a crossword puzzle, which is quickly becoming a new favorite ritual. :-)

Tomorrow is my last day of my twenties!

What did you do for your last birthday celebration? Here's what we did last year.

What's your nightly routine for unwinding/relaxing?

What's your favorite item to shop for at the farmers' market? I love tomatoes and stone fruits, and at our local market we also love the tamales and pita/hummus.

Happy Monday!


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