Monday, August 10, 2015

On Turning Thirty

Tomorrow, August 11, I turn thirty years old. Terry is taking me out to dinner, just the two of us, to get burgers and drinks, and I think I'll leave the celebrating at that. But 30 is a big one, so here are some thoughts on hitting such a milestone.

It's not so bad. I thought I would be a mess this week (all romantic comedies told me I should be), but (so far) I'm feeling really great. It helps that the people I see every day--my husband and baby--fill me with joy. How can I feel depressed about growing old when I'm blessed to spend almost all my time with these guys? Plus, in the last year if I ever felt that "ugh I'm getting old" feeling, I would remind myself: "Do not regret growing older. It is a privilege denied to many" (author unknown). How true, and what a way to remember to be thankful that I get to celebrate another birthday.

Yes, I know 30 isn't old. But it's older, and it marks a new decade in my life. It's a nice time for reflection and for thinking about what I've done well and what I would like to do better. There are plenty of items in both categories, which makes me happy: I have some successes in my life, but I get to continue to grow and try to become a better person. I look forward to that.

I feel a strange sense of calm. Almost my entire life, I've been all about setting goals and racing to become the most successful version of myself. Naturally, I still hope that my future holds plenty of excitement, adventures, and success, but I feel really content with my life right now. I'm less anxious about being in great shape or being productive every second or having my dream career or owning a house tomorrow. I love where I am. I love being a wife and mom, roles I've longed to hold my entire life. I don't take those for granted, and I thank God every day for blessing me with these boys.

Scout, too!

I feel optimistic that my best years are ahead of me. After all, tons of famous, successful people didn't find their success until later in life. But I'm also thrilled with the years I've lived so far and proud of the people I've gotten to know, the places I've traveled, and the life lessons I've learned. I hope the next thirty years are filled with more wonderful people, more thrilling adventures, and more humbling lessons.

Here's to a wonderful thirty years so far--and to the next thirty, too!


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