Wednesday, August 12, 2015

One Day Past Thirty + Full Body Workout

Well, I did it. I survived the whole turning thirty thing. And it wasn't half bad.

We started the day with a delicious breakfast; Terry made my childhood favorite of soft-boiled eggs and whole wheat toast (I guess I was a weird kid because apparently this meal isn't normally a child's favorite, but whatever). Then we headed out for a family walk to get donuts! I chose a glazed pretzel-shaped (so basically just bigger than a normal glazed donut, but then I only ate half and saved the rest, so I'm not sure I really took advantage). Terry gave me my gift before he left for the day: Mastering the Art of French Cooking (Julia Child's first cookbook and the one that inspired the recent book I read, My Life in France, by Julia herself). It was perfect; I already can't wait to read through it and pick a recipe to try first!

After Terry headed out, Marshall and I enjoyed a normal day together, and he took a decent nap. Terry and I jogged for twenty minutes late in the afternoon, and I'm pretty thrilled with our consistency working out lately! In the evening Terry and I even got to go out on a date, just the two of us. I asked to go out for burgers, so Terry looked up new-to-us burger places so we could try something different. We ended up in downtown Culver City at Public School, which concerned me because I remembered a lot of college friends going there (but maybe they went after we graduated...?). I told Terry that if it was too young of a crowd we would need to leave because I didn't want to feel old on my birthday. :-) But luckily it was a totally normal crowd, mostly young professionals (it was, after all, a Tuesday) and even a few families.

BBQ Bison Burger

The Huntsman

The restaurant, as its name suggests, is school-themed, with chalkboards and Composition notebooks for the menus, desk-looking tables, and classroom decor around the whole place. Very cute but not annoying or cheesy. The beer selection was perfect (I had a Pilsner), and the cocktails looked good but we chose to stick with beer. I chose the Huntsman burger, with ground chuck and Huntsman cheese, and Terry opted for the BBQ Bison burger. Both were incredible, but mine was better. We're looking forward to going back to try the lamb burger, plus the rest of the menu looked great, too! We each cleared our plates, so we were too full for dessert, but Terry assembled a brownie-and-whipped-cream candle situation at our house once we got home.

Oh, and I have to share "Marshall's" card for me:

Best card ever.

Today was a bit more hectic--My Gym, car nap (for Marshall), absolutely zero cleaning, and a long walk to campus and back (over an hour!). Then I made what was supposed to be a simple salad for dinner but ended up spilling dried herbs all over the floor AND dropping a batch of homemade croutons on the ground. That's what I get for making things from scratch. Just buy it, Julie. 

After we put Marshall to bed, I insisted on a full body workout:

30 reps each (we took breaks as needed and split some exercises up but ultimately just got the 30 reps of each done eventually):
Weighted side bends (30 per side)

Yowza. My whole body is feeling it already, so I know I'll be sore by Friday. Or two hours from now.

By the way, I tried a new bacon-cooking method tonight based on Tina's suggestion. She said to put foil on a baking sheet, then spread the bacon on the foil and put the baking sheet in the cold oven and turn up to 375 for 20 minutes. I cranked it up to 400, but overall I like the method! I want to try it again and go maybe 5 more minutes, so I'll report back. These are the important research projects I do for you.

Best burger you've had recently? I need to do a post on my top burgers...

Favorite birthday card you ever received? 


  1. That looks like a great full body workout! I'll need to try that at the gym sometime!