Thursday, August 20, 2015

Quiet Little Thursday

I took last night off from blogging and working out in favor of some much-needed cleaning, food prep (overnight oats for breakfast today!), and general relaxation. But yesterday was a really nice day, complete with a walk and park time with a friend and her son (a month older than Marshall), a My Gym class, and plenty of play time with the kiddo. We stopped at a fountain and splashed around for fun!

...Good thing I brought an extra shirt. 

Terry has been waking up early (around 5:30) to get to work early so he can get home for quality time with Marshall. It's ridiculously cliche to say so, but hey, it's true: I have fallen more in love with my husband as I've watched him become an incredible father to our son. I married him because I thought he would be a great dad, and it turns out he's exceeding expectations (typical overachiever). I love seeing those two together!

Also, he can grill like a champ. Last night's menu included sliders, so Terry grabbed our munchkin and headed down to the patio, giving me a chance to deep clean the kitchen. 

We topped the sliders with some leftover bacon, sliced tomatoes, Romaine lettuce, ketchup, mustard, and pepper jack cheese, plus sesame buns from TJs. We thought it would be so cute to see Marshall eating a toddler-sized burger, but he didn't really know how to tackle it, so a lot of it ended up on the floor and/or spat back out. Ah, well, maybe next time.

Our favorite breakfast of late: scrambled eggs, toast (homemade whole wheat bread) with butter, and fruit. 

Today began bright and early at 5:20 when Marshall decided he'd slept enough (it was not enough based on his grumpy mood most of the morning), so we all stumbled around to get Terry out the door and then I was on my own with our crabby toddler. We chatted with my parents, walked to the park and the store, and got dinner in the crock pot before nap time. 

Oh, and there was a box incident.

Thankfully, he took a long nap so we could both recharge, and the weather stayed cool enough for a fun afternoon of playing in the house and taking a long walk to campus.

When Terry got home, I decided to head out for a jog around the neighborhood all by myself. Normally we do our workouts together for the sake of solidarity, but I thought a half hour on my own out of the house might feel good, so I brought along my music and my heart rate monitor and jogged slowly around the neighborhood. I had hoped to make it to a certain landmark, but couldn't quite get that far (hello tired legs and hungry family), so I was surprised to see that I ended up covering 2.8 miles in around 33 minutes, including stoplights and a few walking breaks. Not bad at all for feeling pretty out of shape running-wise.

When I got home we devoured some crock pot chicken and leftover artichokes (Marshall loves artichokes, apparently) before putting the little one to bed, which Terry is still working on. We might be dealing with some teething or something, because the poor guy isn't going down easy tonight. Still, these battles are rare now, so we're thankful!

Once Marshall's asleep, we'll continue Once Upon a Time and enjoy some cookies and milk before bed. And that about rounds out Thursday!


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