Friday, May 3, 2013

Crock Pot Chicken Fail

This morning, in our usual scramble to get out the door at a reasonable hour, I remembered that we had planned for crock pot chicken for dinner. Terry and I made a team effort to rinse the chicken, rub it with a spice mixture (garlic powder, paprika, salt, pepper, cumin), throw some roughly chopped onion in the pot, and slice up a few lemons to stick in the chicken. 

But when Terry arrived home this evening and called to ask if I had already been home, I knew disaster was upon us. Sure enough, Terry has accidentally set the crock pot to "warm" instead of "low", resulting in a still-raw and completely inedible chicken. 

Honestly, I can't say Terry's blunder is the worst in the history of our kitchen. Here's one where I set the butter to soften on the top of the warm stove (while the oven was on), but I put it seam side down:

And of course there was the (embarrassingly recent) pepper-in-the-oatmeal-because-I-thought-I-had-grabbed-the-salt incident. It happens. So instead of feeling bummed about our sad little chicken, I asked Terry where we were going for dinner.

Barney's Gourmet Burgers won!

I LOVED my Greek Burger--cucumbers, lettuce, feta, tomato, and avocado in a whole wheat pita. SO delicious. And Terry ate a Western burger, smothered in BBQ sauce. We shared some sweet potato fries and each ordered a beer to round out the meal. Then we (thankfully) walked home, stuffed and happy.

Those types of kitchen catastrophes happen all the time around here, but the result is almost always a memorable and hilarious night (the other times...let's just not talk about those). I'm lucky we live somewhere with lots of walking-distance options for back ups!

And for some other recent happenings...

A photo from Wednesday night's scuba prom

An awesome bowl of chili courtesy of my husband (no fails this time!)

Some blondie baking tonight

I'll be bringing these and a fruit salad to Jenn's birthday celebration tomorrow! Can't wait to enjoy a gorgeous day with some delightful people!

And finally, I'm sending lots of prayers and good thoughts to the firefighters, emergency responders, and families and homes in danger of the fires just north of us. Let's hope this weekend brings some rain to ease that scary situation.

Any fun kitchen disasters to share?


  1. Bummer about the chicken but I think we can all relate on some level. one night last year I decided to make stuffed peppers for dinner. It was my first time and as I was transferring them from pan to plate, I lost the pepper upside down in that tiny space between the stove and counter! I had to move the stove so I could clean it up. Then, I ALMOST did it again with the second pepper which would have left me without dinner...

  2. those burgers look amazing! I love it in a whole wheat pita!

  3. One night, I was so hungry and my dinner was finally done cooking... I was transferring the piece of fish I cooked from the baking sheet to my plate and.... SPLAT!!!!!!! Right on the floor.... But uh.... I TOTALLY scooped it right back up and put it on my plate and ATE IT! AHHHH HA HA HA! But of course I kind of cringed the entire time I ate it. But I mean, I wasn't going to WASTE FOOD and I was hungry RIGHT THEN... I couldn't wait ANY longer - LOL! Don't judge cause I judge myself enough! LMFAO!

  4. Oops?! I have definitely had my share of kitchen blunders and mishaps! Like the time I grabbed the garlic powder instead of the cinnamon sugar for my peanut butter toast...or the time forgot the sugar in the muffins I was baking...or the countless number of times I've forgotten about something in the oven and been forced to nibble around the carcinogenic pieces! ;)

    Glad to hear the night ended with success! That Greek burger sounds delicious!