Friday, May 10, 2013

Down for the Count

Happy Friday to you! My week had its ups and downs, so I'm grateful to have made it to the other side and ready for a fresh start with this weekend.

Unfortunately, my week ended on a down note: during the first round of my boot camp circuit, I pulled my groin muscle. I jumped from a plank position into a "frogger" (keeping hands on the ground, jump the legs out to a wide squat with feet on either side of the hands), and immediately felt a shooting pain.

It started off well...

Despite my disappointment in a seven-minute workout, I stopped immediately and tried "walking it off", hoping it was just a little strain and no big deal. Unfortunately, it doesn't appear so. After ice and some rest a few hours, I'm nervous about this injury and plan to continue resting, icing, compressing, and elevating to the best of my ability. (Not sure how to elevate...lie on an incline?)

I get really down about injuries. I know it's a sign that my body needs rest, but I love working out. Exercising has become my favorite and most effective source of stress relief, so the thought of even a few days or a week off makes me anxious. That hour per day improves my mood, boosts my energy, and makes me feel great overall. Perhaps I'll turn to wine massages for stress management? Meanwhile, it'll be all about extra-healthy foods to keep my energy up while I'm on the bench.

In other news, we have some fun events planned for the weekend. We get to visit both sides of the family, which is especially rare; we'll see my parents in Palm Springs tomorrow and then Terry's parents on Sunday for Mother's Day itself. Nice way to spend the weekend!

Photo by Rhee Bevere

And on that note, happy Mother's Day to my mom! I'm pretty thrilled to actually see her on the big day and enjoy some quality time. Love you, Mom! Thanks for being so supportive and for reading my blog every day!


  1. Oh no! I hope you wake up feeling better today but rest is definitely going to be key! Exercise is my big stress reliever too so I totally understand how a forced absence can be difficult but just remind yourself that you'll be better off with rest in the long run than if you try to go back too soon! Feel better!

  2. I hope you have a speedy recovery!! I get really down about injuries too (and turn into a troll). Let us know what kind of stress management worked for you! I usually research fun races, create training plans, or organize my closet.

  3. Oh honey! I hope you get to feeling better soon! Being sidelined with an injury is NO fun! I should know since I am like the QUEEN of accident proneness...I swear I need a bubble wrap suit! Lol