Wednesday, May 22, 2013

WIAW: Teacher Appreciation Week

It should really be called "Teachers Get to Eat a Lot Week," because I feel as though I've eaten my weight's worth in goodies over the last few days. We sure are spoiled at my school!

I made sure to start the morning with a healthy breakfast: whole wheat toast, peanut butter, and sliced strawberries.

The rest of the day was all about indulging!

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The parents at our school have been bringing in delicious breakfasts, and today they provided lunch as well. For breakfast, I helped myself to way too many banana mini-muffins, but I was proud that I avoided the donuts. The chocolate old-fashioned looked TOO delicious, so I stuck with the delicious muffins instead. And no regrets, because lunch was just around the corner!

For lunch: multiple platters of sandwiches, Cold Stone ice cream cakes, pasta salad, potato salad, homemade desserts, salads, and more!

After work, a few of my coworkers and I felt even more spoiled, because a local medical clinic offered free facials for teachers! It was so fun to feel pampered after a day at work. I've only had one other facial, so it was quite refreshing and delightful!

Then my coworkers and I grabbed a light dinner at a local restaurant.

A terrific end to a delicious day!

Do you get special treats at your job? Any big perks? Make us jealous!


  1. Happy Teacher Appreciation Week! Looks like those parents really know how to bake!
    I'm an audiology grad student, and I get free ear plugs...

  2. You certainly deserve all that spoiling for all the hard work you do! And I'm shocked at your willpower, because a chocolate old fashioned donut is my absolute weakness.

  3. Are those sweet potato fries? *drools*

  4. Oh wow, what a spread! We have hospital week and rad tech week that we celebrate...which both usually involve free food, but never anything like that! Actually, hospital week was just a couple of weeks ago and besides the managers going around handing out bags of 100 calorie packs (gah, can a girl get an apple?!), they threw a little ice cream social...I would much rather had preferred a good meal instead though...with a SIDE of that ice cream cake! Lol