Thursday, May 23, 2013

Finally Hit the Treadmill

I loved reading your comments on your people-watching stories at the gym! You guys are hilarious, and I'm glad I'm not the only one.

This week hasn't been fantastic in Workout World. I just felt no motivation. So today, I tried all day to get myself psyched up for a sweaty treadmill session. By the time I got home, I finally felt at least a little excited to get to the gym. And it was...awesome! I plugged in my iPod and rocked out, lip syncing like a champ. I made it about four miles in 38 minutes--definitely not bad for me!

After that fantastic workout (finally!), we had a busy evening, including a delicious dinner of grilled chicken and Greek salad.

I also tried a new recipe after dinner: banana-pineapple-macadamia nut muffins!

Hoooooly smokes, these guys tasted phenomenal! Terry and I both loved them, so the recipe will be coming at you this weekend!

Tomorrow morning we're hoping to wake up early for a pre-work workout. I'm thinking of switching things up and completing my Full-Body Timed Circuit--we'll see how I'm feeling at 5 am!

Meanwhile, we're packing and getting ready for a weekend of water skiing, playing games, and hanging out with family. I'm excited to get up there and relax, though the weather is supposed to be rather gloomy. Oh least we'll enjoy some good quality time!

Any Memorial Day weekend plans? 


  1. Love how you put lemon on your chicken in the fry pan! Lemon chicken is yummmmmmm :)

  2. Those muffins SOUND amazing - please don't wait too long to share! ;)