Wednesday, May 29, 2013

WIAW: Three Meals

Ironically, this month's WIAW theme is "Sensible Snacking"--it's ironic because I'm trying out three meals a day this week. I've read recently that some folks feel better just eating three meals per day, instead of the small meals throughout the day. I thought I'd give it a try for the week. I'm only on day two, but so far I feel a lot fuller after each meal and feel the same amount of hunger between meals, so no complaints. Meanwhile, here's what I ate today:

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Breakfast: a fried egg, a piece of toast, and about a cup of melon and raspberries, plus tea and a banana (the banana was after I got to school, so perhaps that doesn't count as only three meals, but oh well)

Lunch: Greek yogurt with almond butter; tuna salad on a Brioche Toast from TJs, and leftover Greek quinoa salad (I ended up saving half the tuna for tomorrow because I was stuffed!)

Sparkling water with raspberries and a squeeze of lemon

Dinner: zucchini fajitas (onion, bell pepper, zucchini, black beans, avocado, and sour cream on a tortilla, plus a Stella for good measure

I actually like the three meals idea, especially because I get to eat more at each meal. It's such a difference to actually feel full at lunch instead of just eating enough to get me to the next snack. It prevents me from feeling the need to eat my own arm after school.

My workout today was a long walk to Whole Foods to pick up a few ingredients. I agreed to make some quick breads for our school's upcoming participation in the Every 15 Minutes program. Some students are selected for an overnight retreat, so I'm donating these loaves for their breakfast.

Two pumpkin, one zucchini

And the rest of the night has been a glorious break from grading. I finally finished up with some term papers, so I'm celebrating by...preparing to grade more papers. Ah, the life of an English teacher.

Do you eat three meals per day? A bunch of mini meals? Or just roll with it? I would love to be that person who just eats when I'm hungry and stops when I'm full, but I have terrible willpower. So I have always brought lots of small snacks to school. We'll see how this change turns out!


  1. I eat three meals AND a couple snacks. I work so early that I have breakfast at about 5am, so by 9 I'm ready for another one. Lunch at 1ish, but dinner is not until 7 so I need something in the middle. The days are just too long I guess.

  2. I'm much more of the snacky type...sometimes I have breakfast and dinner, but lunch is more like a series of 2-3 snacks. And then, somedays (usually on the weekends), I'll have only 3, I guess I just kinda roll with it nowadays...I've definitely learned a LOT during my journey with intuitive eating. In the past, I totally would have freaked out if I was hungry before it was "time" to eat!

  3. I'm a three meals and snacks person. Like Debbie, I get up super early to workout and then straight to work. I need a second breakfast by mid morning 'cause my tummy is totally empty.

  4. Im a mindful or intuitive eater---but that has me mini mealing always :-)
    it's how I feel best.

  5. i do eat three meals a day... plus lots of mini meals :) :)

  6. I see YOLK PORN!!! lol

    Oh and I eat 2 meals a day! My digestive system can only handle so much!

  7. The water with lemon and raspberries looks quite refreshing. I am a mini meal girl with a love for snacking. My stomach just digests it all better when I eat this way.

  8. Mini meals :) I like it and it works for me!