Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Varying Recovery Intervals

Tonight ended up flying by much faster than I expected. Between a meeting at work and some chores around the house, by the time Terry got home I was only in the mood for a walk. It was lovely to catch up on the day with a stroll around the neighborhood, but that means I'll have to save this delightful-looking workout for another day.

The idea here is that instead of increasing intensity and/or length of the tough intervals, you're varying the recovery time. So the first recovery is five full minutes, but the next is only three and the last only one minute. By reducing the amount of time to recover, you're adding intensity to your workout. I'll definitely be attacking this routine on Thursday for my next cardio day. Let me know what you think!

After our little walk, Terry and I did enjoy a wonderful--but quick--homemade meal of spaghetti alla carbonara and a green salad.

The carbonara is a recipe I've used for years now, so simple and perfect for comfort food on a night like this. And the salad included mixed greens, sliced almonds, crumbled blue cheese, balsamic, and olive oil. Delicious!

Off to bed for an early wake up tomorrow! Hope it's a happy Wednesday for you. :-)


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