Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Scenes from Memorial Day Weekend

Terry and I woke up at 3 am on Saturday morning to drive up to the delta, where I also spent last Memorial Day

We even saw the sunrise! (Blurry photo, sorry)

We arrived around 9 am and spent the day relaxing, reading, catching up. Terry even skied once, but the rest of us deemed the water too choppy. 

I made blondies for the group

One of my favorite parts of the delta: the 8:38 stretch! The local news channel stops the news at 8:38 on weekends for everyone to stretch, and they show all the writers, production staff, and anchors stretching. It's hilarious!

Yes, that guy is doing a pretzel at his desk.

We also got to play with the dogs!

Achilles loved his pool, as always.

And Tango swam in the water--practically a first for him (he's a lab, but he doesn't act like one near water). 

Tonight we took advantage of the gorgeous weather to enjoy a run together. We had planned on only a few miles--three or four--but we ended up covering over five miles! We definitely walked at least a mile of that distance, but it felt great to run. 

Since Best Body Boot Camp is officially over (you can sign up for the next round here!), I'm on my own again for workouts. Running, yoga, hopefully some classes with Jenn, and plenty of strength training--it's all in the works for beginning-of-summer fitness over here! If you have any workouts you love, please share!

Tonight I whipped up a quick meal: Greek quinoa salad and grilled chicken breast, plus some sparkling water.

Simple, quick, and delicious! Perfect for a warm almost-summer weekend, especially after a weekend of indulgence. 

Any fun stories from the weekend? Any good workouts I should try this week?


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