Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Deck of Cards HIIT Workout

What I'm loving lately...

Josies--which are the Trader Joe's version of Cuties. 

Scout's enjoying the box more than I'm liking the oranges, I think.

Deck of Cards workouts. 

Approximately 30 minutes of insanity

I do my very best to create engaging, interesting workouts that keep my energy up and my motivation high, but I am loving the unpredictability of these "random" workouts. For this one, some tips:

  • The workout is technically a HIIT because it combines high intensity exercises (star jumps and burpees) with active rest exercises (push ups and squat-presses). My heart rate was through the roof for a majority of the workout though!
  • On the burpees, drop all the way to the floor if you can, but lighten up the intensity by staying in the plank position and jumping back in immediately.
  • Squat + Press (I didn't use a cable, just regular dumbbells): Squat, then use the momentum from coming up from your squat to do an overhead press. I recommend light weights (3-10 pounds, depending on your fitness level).
  • Star Jumps (25 seconds in; don't feel pressured to be as awesome as she is--I go about half as high)
I am SOOOO sore today! Shoulders, chest, back, and quads. By the way, least fun series of cards ever: 
That's 32 burpees in a row.

Check out my Deck of Cards Jello Legs Workout for another option!

Making homemade versions of some of my favorite foods.

Researching vacation options. 

I want to go to there. (Source)

Catching up with friends. 
I got a chance to see three of my closest friends this last weekend; I spent some time e-mailing with my friend in Chicago; I went to happy hour with a coworker on Friday. A lot of the time I choose to come home and hang out with Scout or Terry, but I know that time with friends helps relieve stress and create healthy relationships. Plus, once I'm out with my pals, I always have a blast!

Since I'm so sore, it's likely that I'll take tomorrow as a rest day. I would rather take a day off than push my muscles past a healthy point. And I'll be loving that glorious time to rest my body!

What are you loving lately? 

Have you tried a deck of cards workout yet? What do you think?

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  1. Yes! I love deck of cards workouts! Your selections are intenseeee I have to up the ante. It's definitely exhausting and a great workout.